21 weeks

Tomorrow it will be 21 weeks since my accident. That is over 5 months. I have good days and bad. I get discouraged because sometimes it seems like I’m slipping back. Maybe it’s time to count my blessings:

1. I can walk, although if I stand for long periods of time or walk great distances I hurt, but I can walk.

2. I didn’t need surgery. I think this significantly helped in the healing process

3. My bone is completely healed

4. Had my first fall on the ice and the world didn’t shatter. Mind you I fell on my right leg and it’s sore.

5. I have a husband who is trying to support me in my exercises. He comes downstairs with me so I’m not lonely. We only have one bosu ball so he can’t do it with me, but he will wait for me to finish before going to bed.

I am sure there are more.

Currently I am doing squats (3 sets of 10) both on the floor and on the bosu ball.

Then I do 1 legged squats (3 sets of 10) both legs on also on the floor and bosu.

The important thing about the squats is not to push your knees past your toes and to stick your but out. If I have knee pain I am to stop. PAIN FREE RANGE OF MOTION is my new mantra. I tend to power through so this is harder than you think.I think they are trying to prevent patellofemoral pain or syndrome.  After those I do what I call a kick back to stimulate my Gluteus Maximus. Its a small movement straight legged from the hip down (3 sets of 10) both legs. Don’t want one cheek larger than the other. I kind of feel like a dance when I am doing it. Then with a band around both legs I get in a squatting position, butt out, upper body low, and sideways walk while stay low in the squat. I so 30 of these as well. Truthfully I could do more and probably should. Then I do bridges/ pelvic lifts/whatever. I go up for 5 second, then down slowly. I do that 30 times as well. All of these exercises are to stimulate my butt and strengthen my muscles around my knee. It feels much slower than I thought it would be. I should be running but I can’t. 😦 Anyway enough whining. One good thing out of this is my butt is going to look fantastic!

so how’s it going?

Well the planking took a turn for the stopped. I now owe 3 days, with a cumulated time of 5 min. I really should do it today as Sunday is my rest day. Then again Sunday is my rest day for more reasons than just cessation. Tomorrow I will have to do 7 min. (2 x 1.5 min and 2 x 2 min.) Bah! who wants hard stable abs? Sadly me. So if I don’t do it tonight, I will definitely do it tomorrow.


What’s been keeping me so busy? Honestly I wish I knew. It’s like as soon as it’s done, my mind blocks all trauma. What I do remember is the weather has been freakishly fabulous. It will be hard to go back to normal next week.

Oh something else I remember. Tweedle 3 went to the farm with the kindy class. So did I. I got to milk a goat. Just so you know a goats udder doesn’t look like a cows udder. So when you get up there on that stool and it looks a little like something else, trust them (the farmers) they know. That way you don’t look stupid… like me. I have this horrendous habit, sometimes, that involves saying the first thing that comes to mind. Lets just say I give intelligent city girls a bad name.