In Body and In Spirit

Today was the first time in a long time that I was excited to get up to read scriptures. I used to be a “morning person”, but somewhere along the way, I think between the ages of 16 and 24, I became a night owl. Then I had my babies and I became a narcoleptic. Not really, but my best sleeping times seem to be between the hours of 5:30am to 10:00am. Just when everyone else is getting ready for the day, all I want to do is drift off to dreamland.

So back to scriptures, a few years ago our family just decided to just do it. The time that worked best for us was 6:30am. I promised the Mad Hatter that I would support him, so I try very hard not to complain, and I think for the most part I do fantastic at that, but you can see why I am not excited on the inside to get up for scriptures.


Last night, as a result of the “MONSTEROUS SNOWPOLCOLIPS” that hit Calgary, I thought it would be nice to read scriptures by a fire. I thought that it would feel cozy and would keep all of us awake or at least a little more alert while reading said scripture. The only problem is we don’t have a fireplace. Believe me it was on the list for purchasing a home, as was garage and dinning room, but sometimes one needs to compromise. So when you can’t have an actual fireplace, the next best think is a virtual one…right?

Enter in Netflix “fireplace for your home” episode. Can you believe they have that? Seems kind of silly, but I guess I am not the only one who needed to compromise.

I guess you can get virtual fireplaces on youtube too

And it worked. I am not saying a crackling fireplace is the “magic pill” for improving my families attitude, but it was a reminder that sometimes changing things up and preparing ourselves physically for insight spiritually is necessary. Didn’t Jesus feed the 5000 because he could see that their physical discomfort was interfering with their ability to understand the word? That and compassion.

I give this another week and I think I will have to change things up again. I will have to sock away the fireplace for another time. Slowly as we improve the physical, hopefully, the spiritual will come along with it. Almost anything is better than the scattered bodies hiding under blankets sleeping through the Mad Hatters readings, because that is what it has been since we moved. It also helps that we now have couches.

Getting Rad-i-fied

Last Saturday, the twiddles and I decided to get our run on. We signed up, whole family, back in February to do Colour Me Rad. It’s a fun run/walk where you colour bomb everyone. You get a shirt, sunglasses and some awesome temporary tattoos to complete the package. For Calgary, the course weaves up C.O.P to the top of the bob lead run and then down and around to the finish all the while clouds of coloured cornstarch is thrown around. There are certain colour stations that the people running the show toss their own supply at you. I think the only think that would make it better is if Cindy Lauper were there with here 80’s awesomeness.

Now this race is not about the time, it’s about the line. There is no pressure to run the fastest or be the best, unless you are a Kneelanderthal. It’s just to get people moving and have the most fun while doing it.

Sadly, the Mad Hatter wasn’t able to join us. He had Bishopy things to do. His priorities were in the right place even though we missed him. My friend Bonnie joined us and she was such a trooper having never done this before. She might even to it again.




my phone in the protective ziplock being carried where I can only carry it when my hands are full. I am still a sherpa even during a race


I swear my kids got all my swagger and I have nothing left. NOTHING.



We met up near the end of the race with Lisa, Matt, Brendan, Nadia and Q. Lisa managed to snap some pictures which are in this post. Thanks so much because apparently every picture I took had my plastic protective ziplock in it and since I couldn’t see because the sun was too bright. Just so you know adjusting the brightness requires being able to see the phone to make it brighter so I was snapping willy nilly and a ziplock.



Another Milestone


This is my middle son. He is sweet and kind and just wants to be big. I want him to be big, I just struggle. Things with him are harder than they were with his older brother. He feels more intensely. He shows his feelings more intensely. I seem to be harder on him, which is totally unfair as he has it harder than anyone else in our family. I’m trying and so is he. I worry about breaking him though.

He loves kids. Actually all my children do, but he LOVES them. He still likes to get in the mix and play, while my older son sometimes wants to be with the adults. He can be, most of the time, counted on to keep an eye on younger children. I think he gets along better with younger children. He still likes kids of his own age, but I think with younger kids, he really clicks. I think it’s because when he is with them, he feels looked up too. That doesn’t always happen when you are a middle child. In fact, as I type this, I kind of see that “being looked up to ” desire as a huge motivating factor in a lot he does.


This summer he turned twelve. Twelve is a big deal because he gets the priesthood. Unfortunately, he did not turn twelve before we went to Nauvoo and missed out on doing baptisms in the temple by two-ish weeks. That was a bit disappointing for him. We don’t know if or when we will ever go back.

To take the sting away or at least lessen it, husband decided to interview him on the grounds.* So after church, dressed in our Sunday best, we made our way up the hill the the Nauvoo temple grounds. Husband said he wanted to talk to the boy for a bit, while the rest of us fooled around with the camera. The weather was terrific, the sun was shining, and some sneaky person took a loverly picture of some light poles


and a metal fence.


Well husband was right. He did feel pretty special. It’s not everyone that can say they were interviewed for the Aaronic priesthood on the grounds of the Nauvoo temple. He was ordained a deacon a few weeks later. I cannot believe how quickly the years have gone by. He is turning into a little man. He takes his priesthood responsibilities so seriously. When he passes the sacrament, he tries so hard not to smile as he is afraid that if he does there will be too much levity for such an important thing. I love him. I really do.

*We are lucky that husband is the Bishop and he can do this. There has to be a perk, and I honestly can say this is the first perk we got in the almost 4 years of him being a Bishop.

First Day of School

We are almost 2 months in school and I haven’t posted their first day of school pictures…until now.

This is the last year that all 3 will be at the same school. It’s like the end of an era. Really for Tweedle D it is. Barring some major incident, he will be moving on to High School. That’s right. HIGH SCHOOL. How did this happen?



There is still a lot (everything) I don’t know about the camera I own, or photography in general. I would like this to be crisper but I fear my children vibrate too much and even with a image stabilizing lens often we get blurry photos.

I think in the next picture I was playing with the settings and they are quite overexposed, even with some enhancing, they are quite pale.


Back to eras, Tweedle E is starting Junior High (middle school for my ‘merican friends). He is actually having a Great Year. Just had an informal meeting with his Humanities teacher and he is doing fantastic. I mean really FANTASTIC! But she has to be on him like “flies to poop”. Her words not mine. Anyway it’s working.

So this next picture is an attempt at a “Band Shot”. I guess the boys have a different idea of what that means. The two older Tweedles are posing for an album cover while the youngest Tweedle is playing the violin. I LOVE HIM.


Tweedle 3 is at School all day now. I miss him, sometimes. I also like having most of my day, but I am still having a hard time negotiating my way through it. The first week, I was exhausted and I actually napped almost every day. I needed it , but felt really guilty. I hate guilt. I am not using my time wisely, mostly because I am suffering from “so much to do, so little time syndrome.” I hope I will be able to come up with a schedule that works for me.

Tweedle 3 is really enjoying school right now. He loves staying for lunch, loves reading, loves writing, and loves math. He loves all of it.

My next picture is a bit weird. I am not sure what I said to make them pose this way. I think it means that they think school will make them Zombies.


Museum of Science and Industry

First day In Chicago we spent 5 hours at the Museum of Science and Industry. 5 hours and we didn’t even see everything.


We saw weather, made tsunamis, and storm chased.


We even lost a kid, but we found him and all was right with world again. He was pretty shaken up though. We lost him by this Newtons Cradle.


But didn’t realize we had lost him till we got just past the Tesla Coil. Thank goodness for cousin John, because I probably wouldn’t have noticed till much later. It had already been 20-30 min since we were at the cradle.


I’ll take my mother of the year award now. After we found the boy (who was safely sobbing at security), we moved to another section where they have gigantic planes and trains. They also have a model of the train ride we took to Chicago.


More of that to come, but see everyone is happy. Bet you can’t guess who we lost.

Banana Oatmeal Pancakes

Breakfast is hard for me. It’s hard for my family. I believe in breakfast but I’m not awake and not hungry. Neither are the boys, except for Tweedle D, he is always hungry. I’ve also noticed what my kids eat for breakfast really affects their focus at school and their ability to tolerate the day. This sucks, because it’s so easy to give them chocolate hazelnut spread or hand them a box of cereal and let them “make breakfast”.

So in my divine quest to feed my children better and make breakfast, we have tried some new things.  We have tried baked oatmeal, which is liked best out of all the oatmeals, but receives about a 3 out of 5 on the likeness scale. That will do once in a while, but it’s also important that my kids actually get the food in their bellies so I like to go with proven winners. This is where Banana Oatmeal Pancakes come in. They are quicker than french toast, gluten free, refined sugar free, and depending on the milk/ yogurt you use it can be dairy free. It has 3 eggs so it has a the protein needed to help my boys feel fuller and stay focused through the day. I got the recipe from here. She has the cute pictures if you need to see how they look. She also has many recipes that are fantastic so I would recommend checking her out anyway. Here is the recipe.

1Cup Milk (I use silk almond milk, but you can use what you have)

1/2 Cup Greek yogurt (I use whatever I have on hand even if it is flavoured)

2 Tablespoons Lemon juice

3 Large Eggs

1 teaspoon Vanilla

1 Banana

2 cups Large Flake Oats

1 Tablespoon Chia Seeds

1 Tablespoon Honey

1/2 Teaspoon Sea Salt (or whatever salt you have on hand)

1/2 Teaspoon  Baking Soda

2 Teaspoon Baking Powder

Place all ingredients, except the last 3, in a blender (I have a crappy one and this still works) and let it run. Then add the salt, baking soda and baking powder and give it a quick blend. In the past I’ve put it all in at the same time and it still worked. Cook on a hot griddle and stay close by because these seem to cook faster than normal pancakes. At least the cook faster at my house. Top with yogurt berries or maple syrup. Delicious. Each pancake, if you make the smaller ones is roughly 90 calories. The batch I made this morning made 16 but they were not all the same size. Close. Thats why it’s roughly 90 calories.

my kids are funny…

…and weird, but they come by that honestly. Take tonight for instance. We got home late, like we do every tuesday (stalkers, ignore this) and I was trying to get the boys to bed.

“Hurry get your pyjamas on!”, I say. “Don’t forget to whisper, because Amy has had a particularly heinous day.”,  I continue. She lives and sleeps downstairs right under the boys room.

When they finally come out, they ask me, “Why are you not in your pyjamas mom?”

I reply, “Because I am tired and I want to get you to bed as soon as possible.”

“You should get them on so you can go to be right after prayers.”, they say. And I couldn’t argue with their logic, so I did.

As I came out they were behaving kinda weird and quietly giggly. Tweedle J had his button up p.j. shirt undone and exposing his chest. He looks at me intently and says, “Right this way miss.” while sweeping his arm in the direction he wanted me to go. Quizzically and obediently I follow his direction, which brought me by the computer.

Tweedle D is sitting in the office chair with the back facing me and turns, while petting the back of his stuffed bunny and says, “We have been waiting for you miss.” Such seriousness. He hold his composure a little better than the five year old.

As soon as Tweedle D is finished his line, Tweedle E comes from around the corner holding a glass and says, “Drink miss.”

Well of course I take the water, but I can’t help but feel there is a joke coming at my expense, especially because they are intently watching me to see if I’ll drink it. The first thing that flashes to my mind, was the last incident when someone played a drinking trick on me. To make a long story short they made me think it was a urine sample (when in fact it was apple juice). Joker drinks it, I gag.

Anyway, how could they know and so I utter, “Is this pee?”

I ruined it, but Tweedle D managed to stay in character, “How can you say such things when you are in the house of the gods? We only wish to serve you.”

***End Scene***

Not bad for a little improv.



Some of the best times we have had involved a playground. There was our engagement photo shoot. Then there were all the sanity saving, time killing times of toddlerhood. Thank God for the long and short chains parks. They were our favourite. I don’t chase the tweedles as much anymore, but I still know how to have a good time.





and just to prove I was there…


trying to take the emotion out of it.

So today I got an email telling me my son isn’t getting OT. This time they gave me the line that they always do when they tell me my kids are not being considered. I’m sorry Mrs. ____ but your son just isn’t bad enough. Well how bad do they have to be when my son is already in the first percentile (meaning out of 100, 99 kids are doing better than him)? But this time they followed it up with our mandate is to focus on grades 1-4 and since he is now outside the range he no longer is a priority, but the school OT thinks that the strategies we have in place namely dragon naturally speaking and typing are enough (neither of which have been put into practice in the classroom yet).

I am not angry, I am not even surprised. I am just a little sad. I have to come up with an appropriate response that hold them accountable (because that is what I want them to be, if not for my kids, but for future kids) and yet I don’t want to burn bridges. I have a draft my people are going over and I have put a message in to a friend that is an OT that might have an opinion. You see, if there truly is a child worse off than both my sons are, then I feel sorry for that parent and their children, but to say that what they are doing in school is enough, when it really isn’t is irresponsible. Perhaps, I could have gotten OT privately and helped my kids. I may not have due to cost, but that was not their call and if a child needs help and it can’t be done through the school they should let the parent know instead of saying “it’s just not bad enough”. Thats what happened to my eldest Tweedle to only find out last year that there were programs in place when he was younger. Now he doesn’t qualify for these programs because he is a teen and it’s too late. I am afeard that the same might be so for the middle Tweedle.

Strangely enough after getting the email, I don’t feel like eating a pie. Things might be taking a turn for the better