I grew up with white walls. I was so excited to be introduced to colour back in the early 90’s. Now I want white, but I’m scared. Even more scared than I was picking colour. Gah. Why?

1. I have 3 boys and everything gets dirty when you have 3 boys.

2. I want to pick the right white. Even though I know my eye will read the various shades of white as plain white, in the store, I don’t want to pick a yellow, or a green or a pink or a baby blue. I want it warm but I also want it cool. My indecision is driving me nuts. What is also driving me equally nutty is the Chocolate Wendy’s frosty colour on my walls. It’s great for selling a home, but it’s boring and oh so dark in my house that doesn’t get direct sunlight ever in it’s windows.

3. The money. I want to spend the money, but I hate spending the money, unless I’m sure.


Thats pretty much all the things that are holding me back.

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