It was my tibial plateau

Yesterday I got to go to the follow up with the bone doctor. Much more informative this time. I came in and immediately found out it was my plateau and that it was non-displaced because it was written in on my chart sheet. Question #1 answered.

After they took the progress x-ray, I got to sit in a tiny curtained room next to a lady who was trying to sell it big that she was ready to drive and can walk full weigh bearing. I think she even said her leg felt bionic and she got up and walked around to prove her point. As she was leaving she apologized to me for being so excited. It turns out it had been 6 months for her. She was at her six week post operative checkup and pins and plates were involved. Clearly there was a long process for her to even get to surgery.

Thank you Universe for making me realize YES it could always be WORSE

She alarmed me a bit, and yet I was also encouraged. She was walking around. If I get the ok, I could be walking around and soon. Student bone doctor came in and took a bit of history and the poor boy got a little of an emotional display. He said tell me about your break and I said I really don’t know much about it other than what led to it. He took me through the x-rays and anatomy. Apparently the resistance I was feeling when trying to bend my leg was REALLY TIGHT Ligaments. Also I was given a prescription for physical therapy. Questions #2 and #3 answered.

I was told I was in the drivers seat for how long this will take and those who did their homework tend to progress faster. Good to know that I am in control. Question #4 vaguely answered. I was also told that physical therapy will hurt and I should be sore in the evening. We danced around the topic of pain medication and I avoided it. I am starting to think I should have asked for some more. Last night was the most painful sleep in my memory. I slept with ice on my knee and a pillow at my knees. Took 2 extra strength tylonol and still had to get up a couple of hours later and take something. This is without physio.

All in all good news:

1. I can drive
2. I can start trying to walk
3. The doctor thinks with physical therapy I can get my knee bending all the way back.
4. Things are returning to normal-ish

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