Skin Deep

You know what the difference between your thirties and your twenties is? When you look at pictures you can see you would look the same if you just had a really good nap.

Do you know what the difference between your thirties and your forties is? WRINKLES.

And loss of skin tone which manifests itself as wrinkles. I’m told it only gets worse.And what you would use to combat wrinkles makes my acne bad.

In most skin care lines that I have looked at it’s an either or situation. You choose what is bugging you the most and treat that. For the past two years it has ton back and forth. I need to treat my acne. Ugh my wrinkles are terrible. Now my acne is bad again. I have half full bottles of everything and I look the worse for wear.

My Aunt said Don’t worry you can cover anything with good makeup, but honestly I don’t think you can.

For the past 2 years I have been researching different treatments to help me out. I even bought a groupon for a Microderm abrasion treatment, but then chickened out just before because I managed to find a few people who had a terrible reaction and their skin suffered greatly. It still isn’t the same.

I think about doing laser or taking acutain or all those other things but what it comes down to is money, pain and irreparable damage. Thats what keeps me from doing more than skin care line after skincare line.

A part of me just wishes I could go to the Capital (in the Hunger Games) and get all buffed out to beauty base 0 and start all over. I bet you thats what microderm is.

Anyway I have come across three things I am willing to give a good solid try. Hopefully they will improve things ar at least one will. I’m going to try some Oil Cleansing, retinol and Healthy Skin greens+.

Tonight is Day 2 of Oil cleansing. I am using a combination of Olive oil and Caster oil. I massage the 1:1 ratio in my hand then onto my face. I then use a very HOT clean cloth, let it steam in and then remove the oils. Thats it. Last night my skin felt good and I woke with less inflammation (I had a really big pimple on my cheek for the last 3 days) Tonight it feels a little oily, but I don’t see anymore blackheads than normal. I hear it takes a while for your skin to adjust so I hope it isn’t bad.

After my skin is dry I apply a pea size of a retinol prescription that I have been on for a bit. I only apply this at night. I do see a bit of a quicker turn over of skin but I’m not sure if it’s really helping with the acne.

Tomorrow I will have my first Healthy Skin Greens+ smoothie. I have been thinking about starting on some greens+ for a while now, but then I usually say if I just east more veggies, especially greens, I wouldn’t need this. The fact is lately I have a hard time getting any veggies in. This is strange for me because I usually love my fruits and vegetable but I have been craving carbs like they were on a short supply and having a hard time limiting it. So I broke down and bought it. 

I am a little nervous about trying so many things at once but that just shows you how desperate I am. I’ll try to keep posted on the progress. I’m hoping all of it works. I don’t want to be twenty or even 30 again but I do want to look well rested and tighter. Fingers crossed.


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