Perhaps the only personal conflict I have RIGHT NOW is with my oven, but I have overcome. I have replaced the bottom element in my stove. The mad hatter helped. He took the element out last night so really we are a team. Anyway after a dead drill, a drive to a local appliance supply shop, $35, and some bandaids. The oven is back together and I turned it on to see if it heated up. It did and nothing blew up so Yay.

So in honour of my womanish triumph:

I was going to put in I am woman hear me roar but I don’t really like that song. I do but I don’t, not musically anyway.

Anyway just some housekeeping tips:

This is the second time our element in our oven has fried since we moved here. The first being shortly after. So I asked the guy at the parts story why cause in all my living life I have never had to replace an element let alone twice (in five years). He said it’s probably because of oven cleaner that has gotten on the burner. I laughed because I can’t remember the last time I cleaned my oven, but anyway the chemical eats away and makes it week. So if your going to clean your oven, make sure you don’t get any on the elements.

This also got me thinking. a couple of years ago I had an appliance guy come and fix the burners on about 3 different tenant stoves. All within the same month. I asked why does this happen and he said because when people are cleaning and pull out the burners there are two rubber insulators at the bottom of the prongs. sometimes in the act of pulling the burners out the insulators move up and aren’t insulating what they need to anymore. so if your going to clean under your burners, make sure you push the rubber insulator things down as far as they will go without too much resistance before you put them back in. You should then be fine.

How ironic that cleaning can wreck your stove, but now you know how to do it properly and I’ve just saved you at least $95. You’re Welcome.



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