So 2013 started strong we had some good things happen.

The School started to take Tweedle E’s case seriously and evaluated him. He now has teachers who understand him, or at least are trying to. They’re relationship is strong enough that he can be called out and still feels like it’s safe. His learning co-ordinator is leaving in Feb to have a baby girl. I’m a little nervous about that, but he is on the schools radar at least so hopefully the transition will go well.

The Mad Hatter, got to go to a conference in Vegas and he had a good time. He got to see one of his favourite mission companions. He liked it so much that he wants to take me this year for our Anniversary/ conference. By the time the trip comes around I will probably be wanting to leave the icy cold so bad. Have I mentioned how much I dislike winter? Yeah I think I have.

Tweedle D got to register for Basketball and is really enjoying it. Their team is currently undefeated so they have moved up 2 divisions. They should start losing soon. I know that sounds terrible, but they need to experience it sometime. Tweedle D always plays better when I am not watching. I have missed almost all of his baskets, usually because I am taking twiddle 3 to the bathroom.

Tweedle 3 took Gymnastics early in the year and really loved it. I keep missing registration and so he hasn’t taken it since. He was invited to join the pre-competative team, but that would mean 6 hours/ week practice and almost $3000 for the year. I really wanted to but funds just wouldn’t allow it as The Mad Hatter Had cataract surgery and it wasn’t completely covered. But that is another story. Anyway still trying to get Tweedle 3 into Gymnastics again.

I also have been trying to keep active. Running is still on my radar, but around April, my ability to run consistently and healthily kinda went the way of the dodo. I was still able to run the Waterton to Glacier Relay in June, despite all the flooding. It was bound to happen sometime. Life always does. My hope is this year that I will be able to make more time and improve my running. *Fingers crossed*

As I said flooding happened. We as a family we lucky enough to be protected ¬†because we were on a hill, but all around us was devastation. As of now there are still people not in their homes. Stress has been high and people are really feeling it. Hopefully, things have turned a corner. Most of the shops around us are open but there are a few that won’t open until March or April.

So yeah, The Mad Hatter had cataract surgery. He now has new lenses in both eyes, that are highly reflective (his eyes look like those of an animal when light hits them), but he only needs reading glasses. So yay.

This summer our family got to travel to Nauvoo to visit the Hatters parents who were serving a mission there. We also got to visit a cousin of mine and spend a few days in Chicago. We went by way of train. It wasn’t my favourite way to travel but I’d do it again if we ever decide to travel to Chicago again. There are things that I would do differently, but that would be the same if we traveled any other way. You alter things to make it more comfortable. See my train tips here.


This flinter (fall +winter) things got a little stressful and busy. It’s been hard but amid all the uncertainty and hurt my two older tweddles got to participate in the 50th Anniversary of The Calgary Nativity Pageant put on by our church. It was a great experience for them and it was a great distraction from all the crap. I think they made a wonderful stable boy and tax collector. They looked so good in their eye makeup and I got to give them tutorial on how to remove makeup. Despite it making their eyes pop, they don’t like the look for everyday life. Oh well at least we got to share these last few days on some common ground.


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