More Fall Walking

November 21, 2013

Yesterday was even worse than the day before, but today, today is down right balmy. I even wore a dress. I joked with Tweedle D that he was lucky I didn’t show up to the school in a bikini. He wasn’t at all phased. He knew I was bluffing. I’ve got to work on my bluffs.


Today (December 2) is back to crappy. I’m thinking I need to get some lady long johns. The pair I have right now is hanging on by it’s last threads. Figuratively. I wanted to say Literally, but that would not be true. They are my sunday johns though because they are so… wait for it… Hol(e)y

Well enough about that.



Here we are trying our hands at some leaf shots. I think they still need some work. Perhaps a new setting.


We also found a row of Reverends. The headstones must all be new, because for all the years we have walking in this cemetery we thought we would have noticed this before.


Enjoying the light.


A view of the city


A view of the family. Yeah that was a good day. Thanksgiving Canadian style. So much to be thankful for.


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