On A Day Like Today

Today, I think, is the coldest day of the season so far. White puffy snow blowing everywhere and the clouds blocking the light of the sun casting a warmer grey glow and yet it was still cool enough to look cold.

In the past few days I have quickly become acclimatized to this brutiful weather and don’t feel as cold as I did last thursday. That being said acclimatization and acceptance is not the same a love and endorse so I like to turn my thoughts to happy warm days. Like those just over a month ago.

We got home from Thanksgiving in Raymond early enough to unpack and relax. After a small meal of leftovers, that I took back with me, we decided to take a fall walk. The light was so nice and even though, due to proximity closeness in the car for so long, we were kind of easily annoyed with each other, we managed to make some fun and I got to practice with my camera.


Sometimes we like to walk through a cemetery. They really do have the best trees and there usually aren’t many cars around so we don’t have to worry about getting hit. We also like to see the different headstones. I know we are weird, especially because as far as we know we don’t have any ancestors in this particular cemetery.


Stamps fans run in the family.


We also saw our friend Don. He is a coyote. Don Coyote. Get it? Ahem. He hangs out at the cemetery because rabbits hang out there.


An impromptu leaf fight started.


And almost everyone got involved




Looks like The Mad Hatter won.


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