Another Milestone


This is my middle son. He is sweet and kind and just wants to be big. I want him to be big, I just struggle. Things with him are harder than they were with his older brother. He feels more intensely. He shows his feelings more intensely. I seem to be harder on him, which is totally unfair as he has it harder than anyone else in our family. I’m trying and so is he. I worry about breaking him though.

He loves kids. Actually all my children do, but he LOVES them. He still likes to get in the mix and play, while my older son sometimes wants to be with the adults. He can be, most of the time, counted on to keep an eye on younger children. I think he gets along better with younger children. He still likes kids of his own age, but I think with younger kids, he really clicks. I think it’s because when he is with them, he feels looked up too. That doesn’t always happen when you are a middle child. In fact, as I type this, I kind of see that “being looked up to ” desire as a huge motivating factor in a lot he does.


This summer he turned twelve. Twelve is a big deal because he gets the priesthood. Unfortunately, he did not turn twelve before we went to Nauvoo and missed out on doing baptisms in the temple by two-ish weeks. That was a bit disappointing for him. We don’t know if or when we will ever go back.

To take the sting away or at least lessen it, husband decided to interview him on the grounds.* So after church, dressed in our Sunday best, we made our way up the hill the the Nauvoo temple grounds. Husband said he wanted to talk to the boy for a bit, while the rest of us fooled around with the camera. The weather was terrific, the sun was shining, and some sneaky person took a loverly picture of some light poles


and a metal fence.


Well husband was right. He did feel pretty special. It’s not everyone that can say they were interviewed for the Aaronic priesthood on the grounds of the Nauvoo temple. He was ordained a deacon a few weeks later. I cannot believe how quickly the years have gone by. He is turning into a little man. He takes his priesthood responsibilities so seriously. When he passes the sacrament, he tries so hard not to smile as he is afraid that if he does there will be too much levity for such an important thing. I love him. I really do.

*We are lucky that husband is the Bishop and he can do this. There has to be a perk, and I honestly can say this is the first perk we got in the almost 4 years of him being a Bishop.


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