The Bubbles

I went to get my tires rotated. In other words I went to the doctor. She informed me that now that I am a certain age my warranty has expired. She meant it as a joke and I took it as one  after all her warranty expired at least a few years before mine. It got me thinking though. It kind of is true, what I do to myself from here on out I will be paying for.

We updated the family history. Found more evidence that confirmed how crazy it’s going to be. Trying to hold off the crazy as long as possible. We also discussed eating habits and we’ve given up on me ever loving milk. So vitamins it is.

We also discussed my caffeinated pop addiction. It turns out it’s not as bad as I thought… in the whole scheme of things. And today, just like every sunday, I realized I don’t have a pop and I didn’t need the “HIT”. I realized that perhaps I’m using it just to get myself to the next thing. That may mean that I’m doing to much which would also mean that I need to prioritize and cut back. It may also mean that Alyson needs a nap everyday. I like naps. I would like them more on a beach with the sun on me, but I guess a heating pad on the couch will do for now.

This week I have to get my blood work done. Apparently there are somethings that could be contributing to the tiredness. We shall see.



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