First Day of School

We are almost 2 months in school and I haven’t posted their first day of school pictures…until now.

This is the last year that all 3 will be at the same school. It’s like the end of an era. Really for Tweedle D it is. Barring some major incident, he will be moving on to High School. That’s right. HIGH SCHOOL. How did this happen?



There is still a lot (everything) I don’t know about the camera I own, or photography in general. I would like this to be crisper but I fear my children vibrate too much and even with a image stabilizing lens often we get blurry photos.

I think in the next picture I was playing with the settings and they are quite overexposed, even with some enhancing, they are quite pale.


Back to eras, Tweedle E is starting Junior High (middle school for my ‘merican friends). He is actually having a Great Year. Just had an informal meeting with his Humanities teacher and he is doing fantastic. I mean really FANTASTIC! But she has to be on him like “flies to poop”. Her words not mine. Anyway it’s working.

So this next picture is an attempt at a “Band Shot”. I guess the boys have a different idea of what that means. The two older Tweedles are posing for an album cover while the youngest Tweedle is playing the violin. I LOVE HIM.


Tweedle 3 is at School all day now. I miss him, sometimes. I also like having most of my day, but I am still having a hard time negotiating my way through it. The first week, I was exhausted and I actually napped almost every day. I needed it , but felt really guilty. I hate guilt. I am not using my time wisely, mostly because I am suffering from “so much to do, so little time syndrome.” I hope I will be able to come up with a schedule that works for me.

Tweedle 3 is really enjoying school right now. He loves staying for lunch, loves reading, loves writing, and loves math. He loves all of it.

My next picture is a bit weird. I am not sure what I said to make them pose this way. I think it means that they think school will make them Zombies.



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