Museum of Science and Industry

First day In Chicago we spent 5 hours at the Museum of Science and Industry. 5 hours and we didn’t even see everything.


We saw weather, made tsunamis, and storm chased.


We even lost a kid, but we found him and all was right with world again. He was pretty shaken up though. We lost him by this Newtons Cradle.


But didn’t realize we had lost him till we got just past the Tesla Coil. Thank goodness for cousin John, because I probably wouldn’t have noticed till much later. It had already been 20-30 min since we were at the cradle.


I’ll take my mother of the year award now. After we found the boy (who was safely sobbing at security), we moved to another section where they have gigantic planes and trains. They also have a model of the train ride we took to Chicago.


More of that to come, but see everyone is happy. Bet you can’t guess who we lost.


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