True Story

IYesterday, I posted, on Facebook, that I was going to put a little reminder up that how I treat my family has consequences and I should be held accountable.

A blogger that I follow, posted a picture of a note her husband had left for himself. It said “God, Treat me tomorrow, how I treat my wife and family today.” I thought it was brilliant so I made a similar note, taped it to the mirror and placed it in the bathroom. I also thought it would be good for the tweedles to see. Maybe in a passive subconscious way they could apply it to themselves.

Anyway, today started off alright. I was getting some work done. I had planned to do some random service and was being an all around great individual. Yeah, yay me. Totally awesome. At about 1:45 when I was finishing some errands, I rolled down my window to use hand signals, because yesterday I found out my turning signal wasn’t working. As I rolled it up I saw this.


I couldn’t help but think. Why Heavenly Father!? Why? We just replaced this window about a month ago. How am I supposed to get out of the job that I have and move into a home of my own if you keep on throwing expensive stuff like this, at me? Needless to say I didn’t get an answer, but truthfully I wasn’t looking for one. I just wanted to wallow and whine and there was no one else around to hear it. I tried to put it out of my mind. I then went to pick up the kids from school.

I got to the school early, chatted with some people about the flood and how they are recovering. Talked about showing apartments. Made a plans for a play date. Made running plans. Posed for an action shot taken by Tweedle 3’s classmate. By the time I got back to the car, my crappy feelings about the window were minimal. I figured I would just have to deal and perhaps it was covered under warranty. I got the kids in the car, turned the key in the ignition, and…. nothing. The radio was still working, the air was blasting, all the lights were on, but engine was kill switched.

You see when your key fob deprograms there is a safety feature that keeps the car from being taken by a random key. How do I know this happened? There is a little red circle that appears on the dashboard, blinks for a bit then remains solid. It’s happened once to me before with one of our set of keys. The bad thing is that we were on our last set of keys. New keys cost lots.

Cue internal whining.

I had to keep it together for my kids, because sadly the mother sets the tone. My kids are easily affected by the tone. Ugh. I had little time to solve some problems pretty fast. First I needed to get them home. Then I needed to find a way to get them to their activities, then I needed to get the car to a place where it can be fixed. A car with a broken window is better than no car. All were easily solved and actually I had more offers of help than I needed.


Anyway later this evening after breaking the news to Husband who is out of town, seriously why do things like this always happen while the Mad Hatter is out of town? Remember April, when he was in Vegas and I was getting my wallet stollen. No? Well it’s a true storey. I was whining, sort of, to my neighbour about the irony of my putting this note up and the universe kicking me in the teeth. I didn’t actually think God was punishing me for how I treated my family the day before, because for one, I tried really hard, and two I don’t actually think he would do that. I just found it ironic.

Since there was nothing I could do about it I decided to stop dwelling on the matter, and get back to work. While all this was happening I got about 10 phone calls about an apartment that I listed yesterday as well as 3 texts. I needed to return those messages. But low and behold someone needed my help and child needed to be read to and a person needed to be talked to and I was kind of annoyed that I wasn’t getting my work done but kind of not because I hate showing apartments. It seems that I was pretty much in a state of unsettledness until my phone died and the kids got to bed.

I walked into the bathroom looked at the mirror and said to myself, did I really deserve what I got today? Then I tried to think of how maybe I was blessed. Well I had a friend who dropped everything she was doing, drove me and my kids home, offered to take Tweedle D to his evaluations and offered me the use of her vehicle, almost against my will, so I could make my appointment. As we were loading the kids in her car, another friend, offered her services including taking Tweedle 3. Although I didn’t take her up on it, it was nice for the offer. Then another friend graciously drove Tweedle E to his activity. Then the AMA tow truck driver waved the extra fee for the extended KMs to the dealership. Then he gave me a ride home, even though I protested a bit. After that my schedule for tomorrow kind of opened up a bit more than I expected and I won’t be so weigh-laid during the time I need to be with my kids and their homework.

That is when the still small voice came to my mind saying. “Alyson, this car stuff was all going to happen to you anyway, it didn’t matter how you treated your family yesterday, but I sent you people to make it easier on you. and I made a way for you to still do your job and be with your kids while the Mad Hatter is out of town. That was how I treated you well”

And that also is a true story.


One thought on “True Story

  1. This is an incredible story, and I so get the “why does everything happen when your husband is not around” part. So sorry about all your vehicle troubles. Glad you have good friends to help you out.

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