summer mornings

I can’t help but feel like this summer has gone by way to fast. Even though we got an extra week, due to flood, I feel a little cheated. The flood hijacked 3 weeks of fun and now we haven’t done what I had planned. There hasn’t been many outings and too many movies. Oh well it is what it is. This past week we have been up and out the door early for swimming lessons. I can say that all did well and I am pleased with how much my little/ big fish learned in five days. Woohoo for the pool. Anyway.

A couple of weeks ago, one particularly groggy morning after scriptures, the Tweedles all went back to bed. All of them except for Tweedle 3, that is. The light was just coming in through the window and I thought to grab my camera. I wanted to capture his tender sleeping face and his little chub that is so quickly fading.


We won’t have many of these lazy mornings left and I’m already missing him and school hasn’t even started. He will be gone all day. I remember when the other Tweedles went all day and for some reason it wasn’t soon enough. Perhaps it was because I had others still at home. This time, I’m kinda sad and wonder what am I going to do with myself? Maybe I’ll take up stalking the school yard. Yeah not creepy at all. I better get a hobby.

In the mean time we will enjoy out last few lazy summer mornings.


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