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This is my boy. My Eldest. He is turning into such a young man. A few days ago he turned 14 and I am shocked at how quickly the time passes. We moved to the block we live on almost 12 years ago. He is one more year from High School. He is 4 more years from being eligible for a mission. There is so much growing that needs to happen in the next 4 years. So much I need to teach him, but I’m confident he’ll get it. If there is anything he seems to be good at, it is church.

Sure he has other talents and abilities. He likes to cook. He is good with kids. Against his will he has a skill with french. He loves sports and is eager to try new things. Now I just got to get him focused on school. It will take some work. What doesn’t take work, in the sense of physical effort (cause we all have to make time), is the gospel, the gospel comes naturally to him. It makes it nice and I wonder how did I get so lucky to have such a good example come to my family. It makes trusting him so much easier too.

For his birthday we told him we would help him get his learners permit. I used to be uncomfortable with the idea of teens on the road, but not with him. I know he will do good.

As I look at the above picture, I remember him getting ready for priesthood session with Opa, husband, and uncle.  In the picture he is wearing my grandfather’s tie. He likes to wear it. It makes him feel close even though he was young when he passed. He wears a tie pin that was my father’s from his mission he served in California. He comes from a great line of faithful men on both sides. That’s quite a legacy. In keeping with this legacy, today, he advanced in the priesthood. He was ordained, by his father, to the office of teacher. As I understand it, this means a little more responsibility with the sacrament, and serving people. He is excited and nervous to be a home teacher. So am I, for him. He is on the cusp of something great.



One thought on “Milestones

  1. Dakota is one really special young man. I love that he has Grandpa’s tie and dad’s tie clip…and that he loves to wear them and feel a little bit closer to his family. I remember hearing about his baptism and how emotional he was at it. Dakota seems to get it…more than most boys do at the same age. It is really hard to wrap my head around him being 14. But he’s a handsome, cool, funny, sensitive, spiritual 14 year old and I sure do love him. Good job Al & Tim!

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