this is what one week looks like.

On thursday, Tweedle E  had Grade 6 Grad. They held it in a field and a living room. I’m not complaining. Actually I thought it was rather nice. Here was a group of kids who finished all their exams and just wanted their milestone to be acknowledged. They wanted their party and they (the girls) wanted to wear their dresses. So some parents opened their homes and put it together themselves.


The field that was easiest to access, due to road closures, happened to overlook some of the carnage. As the kids visited, you could hear the hum of a hundred generators working the pumps and fans in the houses below.

It was fun to watch them. Girls in their pretty dresses who clearly spent a lot of time on themselves, and boys who spent less time. They stood off in groups. Occasionally one or two would cross the gender barrier and walk by. It’s nice to see nothing has changed for 12 year olds.

After a bunch of pictures, we went to a parent’s home where they opened up the snacks.  Kids were able to visit while the parents were able to release and check in. Honestly a nice break from the high tensions that all of us have been experiencing.

We made our way over to another house to watch a video the teachers and kids had shot literally hours before evacuation. It was to Katy Perry’s Firework. It was one of those continuous lip syncs that took us all through the school. Some tears were shed, because well , our school doesn’t look like that anymore and we are holding our Grad in a living room


One parent told me that she was surprised she hadn’t cried yet, and as she did the tears began to flow. The great thing is there was no judgement. We have all reached our breaking points sometime this week. Some were luckier to do it in the privacy of their own home, but we all have done it. Even the luckiest of the lucky and I don’t think that we are done.

After we all went our separate ways I thought I would look over the ridge and see the progress made. It looks like a war zone, but it’s and organized war zone. This was a week ago.

East Elbow, Right along the river

This was exactly one week from evacuation



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