john and kate + 7? (why i run saturday)

It’s amazing how quick weather can change around here. Like last week we were all running in shorts and climbing in crabapple trees. This week were were just praying that our run wouldn’t happen in a torrential downpour that had been threatening us since Monday. Here is a shot of last week.


Doesn’t Lady N look so cute in her running dress? I’m wondering if it would be worth it to get one. Our summers are so brief and last year I think it was only warm enough to wear shorts on 3 maybe 4 runs. I’m also liking the lululemon two tone run swiftly T on Lady J, but I got a lot of Ts. Right now I’m wearing my women’s only run t-shirt from my 10K race 2 weeks ago. Yeah, not my best run.


Today, as luck would have it, the dawn broke over the horizon and the rain stopped. We were able have a pleasant yet cool run. We ran almost the same route we did last week, minus a hill and a crabapple tree in the middle. We saw the remains of a multiple house fire that we saw smouldering last week (such a sad story) and we got to see lots of Canada Geese.

Here is a shot from this weeks run. It comes from my running friend Jen, who got Lady N to risk her life to take that picture. I can use Jen’s name because there are a million Jens and I happen to collect them. I think I am just short of 900,000 in my possession.


Sooo, who know Geese could be so vicious? Actually I did, but only because I had heard about it before. I had never seen a goose attack. Here is a “little” geese family. Well since Jon and Kate were out with their Goslings (Too soon? Oh well Kate’s the one on the left) we got hissed at as we ran past them. Which brings me to my next question, Who knew geese can hiss? Kate made it plainly clear that we were not welcome, so Lady J (who has experienced a goose attack) and I kept running, whilst the others in our entourage got a picture.

Oh the adventures we have so early in the morning. You see things.


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