my kids are funny…

…and weird, but they come by that honestly. Take tonight for instance. We got home late, like we do every tuesday (stalkers, ignore this) and I was trying to get the boys to bed.

“Hurry get your pyjamas on!”, I say. “Don’t forget to whisper, because Amy has had a particularly heinous day.”,  I continue. She lives and sleeps downstairs right under the boys room.

When they finally come out, they ask me, “Why are you not in your pyjamas mom?”

I reply, “Because I am tired and I want to get you to bed as soon as possible.”

“You should get them on so you can go to be right after prayers.”, they say. And I couldn’t argue with their logic, so I did.

As I came out they were behaving kinda weird and quietly giggly. Tweedle J had his button up p.j. shirt undone and exposing his chest. He looks at me intently and says, “Right this way miss.” while sweeping his arm in the direction he wanted me to go. Quizzically and obediently I follow his direction, which brought me by the computer.

Tweedle D is sitting in the office chair with the back facing me and turns, while petting the back of his stuffed bunny and says, “We have been waiting for you miss.” Such seriousness. He hold his composure a little better than the five year old.

As soon as Tweedle D is finished his line, Tweedle E comes from around the corner holding a glass and says, “Drink miss.”

Well of course I take the water, but I can’t help but feel there is a joke coming at my expense, especially because they are intently watching me to see if I’ll drink it. The first thing that flashes to my mind, was the last incident when someone played a drinking trick on me. To make a long story short they made me think it was a urine sample (when in fact it was apple juice). Joker drinks it, I gag.

Anyway, how could they know and so I utter, “Is this pee?”

I ruined it, but Tweedle D managed to stay in character, “How can you say such things when you are in the house of the gods? We only wish to serve you.”

***End Scene***

Not bad for a little improv.



2 thoughts on “my kids are funny…

  1. How cute! When it’s late and I’m trying to get mine to hurry up and go to bed it usually ends with grumpiness; that’s adorable that your kids put on a little show!

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