a walk around the garden

Spring is here. Finally. This past week I have been raking and digging and cleaning and planting and raking some more. Working outside is so therapeutic for me. It’s something I need. As life would have it terrible news has come to my ears once again and I got sad.  Actually its multiple situations, some more sad than others, but it takes on a cumulative affect.


IMG_1270Working outside gives me peace. I can see my progress. I also learn a lot about life. We all of weeds. Sometimes you gotta dig deep to get them out. You have to get right down to the root, otherwise they just keep coming back. You know what else I learned, you need water. It’s so much easier to get at those weeds if the soil is wet. So cry if you have too.


(Do you see the pretty dandelion garden I have going on?)

There is so much left to do in my garden. Sometimes it can be overwhelming. There is so much pruning and garbage picking and raking and fertilizing left to do.





But then I stop and can see little hints of beauty that keep me going.




But if it’s really bad, then I just look up.



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