so how’s it going?

Well the planking took a turn for the stopped. I now owe 3 days, with a cumulated time of 5 min. I really should do it today as Sunday is my rest day. Then again Sunday is my rest day for more reasons than just cessation. Tomorrow I will have to do 7 min. (2 x 1.5 min and 2 x 2 min.) Bah! who wants hard stable abs? Sadly me. So if I don’t do it tonight, I will definitely do it tomorrow.


What’s been keeping me so busy? Honestly I wish I knew. It’s like as soon as it’s done, my mind blocks all trauma. What I do remember is the weather has been freakishly fabulous. It will be hard to go back to normal next week.

Oh something else I remember. Tweedle 3 went to the farm with the kindy class. So did I. I got to milk a goat. Just so you know a goats udder doesn’t look like a cows udder. So when you get up there on that stool and it looks a little like something else, trust them (the farmers) they know. That way you don’t look stupid… like me. I have this horrendous habit, sometimes, that involves saying the first thing that comes to mind. Lets just say I give intelligent city girls a bad name.



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