my eye are bigger than my plate.

I often wonder how I get myself into these situations, which is strange because I was there, agreeing to the situation the whole time. Oh well. Sunday I was asked to sub my most feared class this coming Sunday. The mad hatter was surprised that I said yes, which then equally surprised me. I don’t have anything going on this coming Sunday, so how could I say no? He said (and this is paraphrased), “Yes dear, but you forget that you have no time this week to prepare.”

“oh yeah”, is what I reply.

I’m starting to think that the attention problem my children have might actually come from me and not from husband. Ok maybe it isn’t entirely my fault, it could be a combination.

So yeah, I won’t bore you with the details of the hectictivity of my week. Yes that is a made up word. Feel free to use it. Lots. Make it your own. But I will share an embarrassing moment, because I am all about keeping it real. So since I haven’t been home much, my house is in a state of disarray. Actually it’s kind of driving me crazy. I think I have about 3 hours of consecutive work to get it to where I would like it to be. Anyway, sometimes when one sits in ones own filth, they become blind to the chaos around one.

My door bell rang (which I found out was a planned meeting by the hatter, you know he could have told me) and since my couch was clean, my brain thought yeah your presentable. I invited the people in, had a conversation. After I said good bye, I turned around and saw everything that was out of place. I guess it wouldn’t be that bad, but the Sunday before, in our Old Lady church class called Relief Society, I discussed the fact that my car is a mess and I have food on the floor of it.  I thought I was being funny, sort of. I was giving a reason why sometimes we don’t serve (help) others. Or why it may seem begrudgingly when we do. My example was case specific.

I might fret about this for another 30 minutes and wash that down with a bowl of ice cream. Then I will pick myself up and try to do better next time.

I can’t wait until this sunday and see what comes of very little preparation. Maybe I’ll get lucky and get sick.


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