oz the great and powerful

Most mornings I don’t have the TV on. I just putter around, work on things, do some laundry, and visit pinterest. Occasionally I will leave the house and exercise. That happens less often than I like, but c’est la vie. Anyway I’ve been organizing the rental taxes and for noise in the background I happened to turn on the tv.

Now the Dr. Oz show didn’t come on right away, but I eventually got there. Prepping these taxes takes a long time. On the show he talked about a 3 day detox and what got me was the fact that there was food (in the form of a shake that you made from real food). No silly starvation “detox”. I also hadn’t watched him in years so his credibility with me, is probably a little higher than it should be. Remember Dr. Phil, yeah he is a sell out now. But I guess people get bored of watching real people work out there troubles, and you have to get all Jerry Springer or bye, bye show. Ok, it’s not that bad, at least I don’t think so, I haven’t seen a chair fly, but I digress.

So being the non committal person that I am, but wanting to take good things into my life, I decided before I would go full on 3 days of liquid meals (remember I am decaffeinating right now) I decided to just try the smoothies as a meal replacement sometimes.  The breakfast drink was pretty good, not the best, but yeah doable. I did feel hungrier sooner than they said but nothing I couldn’t handle. Today I tried the lunch drink. NOT good. I admit it wasn’t the worst thing I have  ever drank or tasted (cough medicine still holds that honour), but I couldn’t finish it and it had a texture thing. I think it could use more apple or pineapple and less celery. I chopped up the celery leaves with it too and that may have been where I went terribly wrong. I am not sure I could do that for 3 days. I still have yet to try and make the dinner shake. It looks like something I could tolerate.

I do notice though, that the days I do have a shake I feel lighter and less sluggish. If I could just eat 2 celery stalks and add half an apple to the shake, I might be able to handle the lunch one. Ugh, but then I feel like I am cheating. Whatever, it’s not like it’s chocolate.


2 thoughts on “oz the great and powerful

  1. I’m really surprised that you keep talking about the caffeine. I’ve gone on and off caffeine many times over the years, and it only takes a couple of days (at most) for the PHYSICAL reaction to go away. It might be that you are creating more hassle for yourself by putting way more mental energy into thinking about it than the situation really deserves. (Easy to say, I know. I’m not judging. Been there, done that.)

    Also, the shake thing is not a science. Seriously. Skip the celery and add some pineapple or an apple instead. Go ahead and eat the celery sticks if you feel like it, or just don’t. (I suspect that the celery is for fibre.) But honestly, where in the world does it say, “Thou must put celery in thy detox shake.” RELAX!

    If you are wanting to do smoothies/shakes as a meal replacement, experiment! Find mixtures of ingredients that you like. Be aware of nutritional content. We like to have plenty of protein, but that’s because we do strength training. But protein helps sustain you longer. You will feel less hungry. (We use greek yogurt and/or protein powder to up the protein content in smoothies.) In another post I said ginger is good for inflammation. It also adds a nice zing to a smoothie, if you like the flavour.

    It really is okay to do your own thing, especially if you are eating healthy food at other meals.

    • I didn’t mean to come across that I was still feeling the affects of caffeine withdrawal. I am through with the headaches and such, it’s just that every once in a while I have a psychological craving for it. Mostly when I am out or when my kids are fighting. I only mentioned that I was still decaffeinating because I am going all the way till easter and I think that mentally doing one thing at a time sets me up for success.

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