Two Suns

Running is better now that the sun is practically up. I don’t have to don my head lamp anymore, which sometimes can be annoying. It really depends on which one I’m wearing. The thing is I miss the sunrise.

This weeks run was a little more difficult. After a week of two sons puking and no sleep, I lacked the energy I needed for my long run. This was compounded by the fact that I didn’t do any exercise and ate junk just to keep myself going. But I still did the run (with many a short walking break) and got to see something odd.

As we were coming up out of a residential area back onto a path (7k mark) I looked to my right (east) and saw two suns. We all know the earth only travels around one sun but a clump of cloud nearby was reflecting the light almost as strongly to appear as if it was a second sun. I don’t pretend to know how it happened. I suppose if I took physics, the light unit my have given me a clue, but I didn’t take physics. I didn’t have the room. But I don’t need it to enjoy the beauty.


The picture doesn’t do it justice.


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