escape vs. retreat (why I run saturday feature)

I’m sorry, I meant to put this up earlier. It’s not much of a Saturday running feature if I don’t post.

This past Saturday’s run went really quickly. We didn’t run faster than we normally do, it’s just the conversation, distracted me so much that I was kinda surprised when I was done.

I think that’s the key to running, well really anything, you need to surround yourself with people because anything is better when you do it with a friend.

Saturday’s friend was someone I don’t usually converse with, just because our paces seem to be different. This time, she was recovering from a 1/2 marathon so we evened out a bit more.

We talked about our kids and the struggles of parenting. Our children don’t have the same problems, but the feelings are the same.

She shared with me something she learned in a book, and blast it all if I can’t remember the name, but I think it’s no yell parenting. Well I know that yell or yelling is in the title and the word parent or parenting is there somewhere. Clear as mud eh?

Anyway, she explained to me the difference between and escape and a retreat. An escape is when you leave/ check out, and it wasn’t really planned. When you are escaping there isn’t really a definite time in which you will be back. A retreat is something planned, something you feel you deserve or worked hard for and there is a definite time in which you will come back. Another difference in these coping mechanisms is escapes don’t fill you up, retreats do.

I thought about that statement a lot over the last few days. How many times have I ran to the grocery store or drugstore with no intent of buying something and walking around like it’s the most interesting place in the world? How many times have I sat in my car in front of my house? Just sitting there in the quiet and delaying going in the house? Then I reflected on how many times I make a planned getaway doing something for me. Well the escapes far outweigh the retreats. Now that isn’t necessarily a bad thing. I just think it reflects the stage in life I am in.

In the beginning when the kids were young, I didn’t have much of either. Now that I have a babysitter escaping is a little easier. Retreats are a bit more difficult just because of the Mad Hatter’s Job and callings, but I still get them. Aside from my weekly run I get maybe 2 or 3 a year. Sure I’d like more, but I also think there is a danger in having too many retreats. I could see me liking it so much I could retreat right out of life.

Escapes are valid too. Let’s face it, THEY SAVE LIVES. When there is absolutely no other option, removing yourself from the situation is acceptable even if it’s to your bedroom.

I just think I need to become more aware of when I am escaping, and how often. What are the triggers? How can I fix the trigger so that im not escaping so often. I also need to schedule a retreat in there more often because when the stores are empty I’m no good to anyone.



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