and now for something lighter



This picture has nothing to do with the post. It just makes me laugh.

Perhaps the previous post was a little melodramatic… maybe… nah those feelings are real. This week has been better, but I think yesterday the stress finally came out and I was sickish. The flu has been terrible and for some reason we have been protected from that. Thank you God. I know people that have been out for weeks. That’s enough about that. 2006/2007 was my year to blog a bout puking.

Moving on

So I have this really (kind of disgusting) microwave that I try to avoid using. OUr Lovely nice one broke just before our move and so the junky one that was left by the previous residents is ours now. How nice. And to make it extra special nice, they didn’t even clean it. EEEEW.

Again moving on.

So my eldest Tweedle, heard this thing in science class. You know it must be true. The way to test your Microwave to see if it is leaking, is to stick you cell phone in, close the door, and call it. If the microwave is properly sealed, then your phone should NOT receive the call. He wanted to try it. I made him swear and sign wavers and everything that he would not turn it on with my phone in there. He looked at me like he has since he was a Twaddler, head cocked, eyebrow lifted, and said “Really!?” Well what am I to do when I can’t play solitaire anymore?

So in the microwave it went.

The call was made.

The cell phone rang.


This concerns me on a few levels. If microwaves and cell phones work on the same wave lengths, who thought of that? Shouldn’t my ear be cooked when I talk for about 1 minute, never mind my brain.

Research has told me that they do not, in fact, run on the same wave length, but they are close. Snoops couldn’t confirm or deny that your microwave should be blocking calls. I don’t like microwaves that much but sometimes they are a necessary evil (popcorn, my egg sandwich etc.) I have been thinking about getting rid of the old one for 4 years now but I the thing stopping me is weather to get a new one or not. Maybe I should test the display models in the store. Does anyone out there know anything about this?


4 thoughts on “and now for something lighter

  1. Hmmmm, that microwave thing is weird.
    Also, you sound really stressed out and I see that the title references the previous [password protected] post. I hope you’re okay. I wish there was something I could do to help.

  2. I really really really love that photo lol!!!

    I don’t think that the cell phone microwave test is true. I’m pretty sure you have to turn on the microwave and then make the call to test the validity…

    But speaking of microwaves, if you have to clean it anyway, try microwaving a few of these first: a quarter of a bar of Ivory soap (seriously, it’s AWESOME), a grape that is cut in half, but still connected by the skin on one side, Peeps, and an egg. But the egg has to be last. And it’ll motivate you to clean the microwave afterwards lol!

    Hope everything is going well. At least from the title, the last post sounds like you’re having a rough time.

  3. Dont the have thoes microwave convection combo things now? My microwave is 14 years old so I havnt really looked. I’d get one of those if they actually exist. I use my convection toster oven all the time so that Im not heating up my big one. Then you could microwave the few things you need to and use the convection setting the rest ove the time. If that’s how they actually work that is.

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