LIttle Feet.


I am 3 for 3.  My littlest has joined the ranks of children with growing pains. Last night he was so cute when he groggily stepped into the living room and proclaimed his feet were tired and he couldn’t get them to sleep. He walked over to his dad and in his matter of fact, yet gentle voice said, “rub my feet”. That lasted all of 5 minutes and then Tweedle J was off to his room, but on the way he started to cry and said in his same voice, “take me to your bed.” So trying to calm him down I did as he ordered. We tried to snuggle and I began to rub his foot. “Mom you are doing it wrong.”, “Mom go get me some water.”, “Mom I need some Tylenol.”

Not one please was said, but I didn’t mind he was hurting and at least he knew how to vocalize what he wanted. I felt now was not the time for correction even though Our family home evening that night was on manners and how to speak to people.

Anyway, after 10 minutes he began crying again because the pain wasn’t gone. “Mom, we didn’t do it right!” Then he proceeded to list the order of operations that would have worked. As if this situation was Apollo 13 and I was Gary Sinise. Oh if only we had taken the Tylenol first. Actually he did have a point. Had we started with the tylenol, by then it would have been at least a half hour and it would have started working. Raising Children my just be as difficult as putting a man on the moon.

I have come a long way since poor D was young and experiencing pain in the middle of the night. At first I thought he was just being difficult. I am ashamed to say that. It took me sometime to remember and realize what was going on. I too had growing pains and they lasted till I was at least 7. I remember my dad patiently rubbing my legs and feet. Seriously he is a good man. Sometimes I wish I was more like him in that respect. At least I have this memory to help guide me and perhaps when my young ones are older maybe they will have have a positive memory to be their to guide when they face the little feet.


4 thoughts on “LIttle Feet.

  1. I had growing pains and I was only ever given Tums (calcium) with moderate sympathy. I got them well-past 7 and Red is following in my footsteps. Lucky kid, though, he gets leg massages and Tylenol on the rough nights. I highly suspect my mother never got them.

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