A Much Needed Break

This school year has been difficult. My littlest has all of a sudden decided he cannot go anywhere without me. My middle and Eldest won’t hand in work or complete it. And just to make things worse because my anxiety knot isn’t big enough, yesterday the boys in Tweedle E’s class heckled him during his hobbit speech. I was first notified by the teacher via email that this happened, then when I asked him about it he didn’t want to talk. Today a parent was telling me what her daughter said happened. Now this is third hand but apparently there was a group of boys that kept telling him he was wrong and their speeches were better than his. He was reduced to tears. This all took place in class right in front of the teacher. What does one do with this?

I am at a loss and am looking forward to no school, or the end of the world which ever comes first.


2 thoughts on “A Much Needed Break

  1. Yay for the end of the world and the judgement that is soon to come for those mean kids (–and the teacher? Not in any class in which I have observed, subbed, taught, or volunteered would that behavior have been permitted.)
    I feel for that poor Tweedle, I really do.

  2. The not handing in assignments, I have no help for that, only sympathy. Years and years of sympathy. (It’s not going to magically fix itself. Ever.)

    But the other, that just kills me. A talk with the principal is in order here (the principal should already know about the situation — if they are just learning about it from you, that’s a red flag). Question: did you get a phone call from the teacher as well as an email — I mean, did the teacher attempt to call you, but maybe you were out and they left a message? Because if there was no phone call, then I would suspect the teacher knows the situation was poorly managed. Even when I regularly kept in touch with teachers by email, a situation that serious (and less serious, even) would warrant a phone call.

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