A Draft Letter

Update: Today I looked at the Cineplex website because someone on facebook said The Hobbit was out today, and I was how can that be? The teacher said the 14th was opening day. But alas there is a 10:00pm showing today the 13th. Then to my surprise the movie is rated PG on the website where it 14A on sunday. So now I feel like this letter makes me look like an idiot. I guess I am not sending it. Tweedle E is still not going because the form was due monday (that’s why I checked on sunday).

Here is a draft of the letter that I am thinking of sending to the Principal. I am going for a cooperative tone, but one that is firm. What say you? Am I too passive?

Mr. ____,

I have two children who are studding the Hobbit in school this year and have the opportunity to go see the movie this friday. I can appreciate the educational factor of comparing the written word with an interpretation on film. I think it valid however, after much consideration, we will not be sending my youngest to the movie. I wanted to send him but we don’t watch 14A movies as a family rule (there have been few exceptions). I thank Ms. _____ for being upfront with the potential rating and bringing it to our attention, but my other son received no such letter which brings me to my first concern. As there is only one grade that has children who are of age according to the ratings, a “heads up” probably should have been sent for at least the 7 and 8 s as well. Secondly I probably would have sent my younger son had there been a chance to preview the movie, but since they are watching it opening day, in the morning, that option was not available. Thankfully my younger son understands and has been quite mature about the situation but my older son (who probably could handle the violence that accompanies Peter Jackson Movies) has expressed concern about being teased or laughed at if I declined to let him go. Since my elder is closer to the age appropriateness of the movie I have given him my consent.

I do not wish to make things difficult but perhaps in the future one could consider that since the age of the school goes from 5-14 that movies given a 14A rating might not be considered especially when there is a perfectly good PG movie that can be rented. Or perhaps, when one is choosing a date of a movie with such a rating that there is an opportunity for the parents to screen the movie first.


I am thinking of adding to the end something about I want my children to be able to participate but am not quite sure how to say it so that it goes smooth. I also feel like It is a bunch of run on sentences. Good thing it’s a draft.


3 thoughts on “A Draft Letter

  1. I don’t think it’s too passive. What can you do? You want to bring attention to the problems (which this does) and you don’t want to sound unreasonable.

    I won’t copyedit the whole thing, since it is your letter and your “voice”, but you should make sure you change “studding” to “studying”, as it’s a typo that could distract people from the serious nature of your concerns.

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