Once You See, You Can’t Unsee

My children are awesome. Now that we have got that out of the way, lets get to today’s topic.  Movie ratings and the school. Finally something that has motivated me to write. My Children are studying The Hobbit this year. In Alberta (according to Tweedle E’s teacher) The Hobbit is recommended for the Grade 7 curriculum. Neither of my children are in Grade 7, they are on either side of it but the teachers (like last year with The Hunger Games) saw an opportunity to have an enriching field trip to the theatre. Now unlike the Mad Hatter, I am not totally against these “expensive field trips”. They do cost more than if I just take my child to the theatre on my own even with the popcorn. I remember looking forward to such trips as a student. Woohoo I get to spend half the day doing nothing. Now I don’t want to take such opportunities away from my child but I would like them to choose appropriate  material for the age.

Before you misunderstand me, I like Tolkin’s work. I think the themes should be studied at many levels. My favourite Character of his is Samwise Gamgee, he is an example of honour and friendship. I also Like Mr. Jackson work as well. Peter Jackson is a movie making Genius and he tries to keep things pretty authentic. My problem is that a school would Knowingly choose a movie that is inappropriately rated for their age. I also hate being put in the situation of having to say no to an activity (such a cool one too) and opening up my children to more work or better yet ridicule. Yay. Perhaps in the future they can choose movies that are age appropriate, choose a time slot so parents can preview, or just abandon movies all together. I don’t want to make a stink, but then again I kinda do. Should I write a letter? Maybe. Will I write a letter? Maybe not. Most likely not… I don’t know.

Recently a friend found this review and after reading it I am ok with him/ them not seeing the movie. I still haven’t decided if I am holding just one back or both. Tweedle D probably could handle it. Ugh can you imagine that conversation though.

E: Mom why do I have to do (insert project here) and miss the movie while D gets to go?

Me: Because ..(interupt E)

E: It’s because you love him more . Why do you never let me do things?

Me: E you are a sensitive boy…(interupt E)

E: You are so not fair. I hate this project and I…


Dec 8, 2012

Well I checked the movie rating and it is 14A. E is not going. It’s still up in the air about D. I asked the Mad Hatter for his input and didn’t get much help there so I guess it’s up to me.  The decision has to be made by monday morning. I hate making decisions.


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