The Tie That Binders

Last year, before we knew the Tweedle E was being home schooled we purchased him a binder for school. It sat, more like hung in his closet from a hook for a year. As the new school year approached he was really looking forward to using it. It was a funky green colour and we knew it would be different than all the others because it was bought in the States.

Who knew that it would be a piece of junk of substandard quality? This past month we have spent more time putting his binder back together than actually getting ready for school or doing homework. This does not bode well for one with Executive functioning problems. Secretly I thought he was tossing the binder and causing it to pop, or he was opening the binder and forgetting to close it. Whatever the cause, the fact remains that it wasn’t working for him.

I was getting messages from teachers that the poor Tweedle was having difficulty with his binder on a regular basis. I’m sure with the amount of paper mess they were seeing, they thought I wasn’t doing anything. Surely his binder cannot be popping everyday.

I broke down and bought him a new binder. Interesting fact. 2 weeks after school starts, everyone and I mean everyone, clears out all their back to school. I had planned on getting him one from Costco. It was durable, zippered and didn’t have a file folder inside. Kids who are not organized tend to use file folders instead of putting their sheets where they are supposed to go. One year Tweedle D hadn’t any sheets in the rings. My next plan was to got to Walmart and get one of the cool binders I got Tweedle D. It’s zippered has 2 pockets (not big enough to hold a years worth of paper), and a cool “white board” that he could write messages on. Unfortunately, like Costco, Walmart only had a little section of stuff in a corner and I was stuck with a regular binder (which apparently was good enough for most of my generation) or one with the dreaded file folder. Neither were on clearance. I opted for the dreaded file folder.

Well at least the binder hasn’t popped yet, but as expected he has lost his homework in the folder and sadly didn’t get it done. The good news is he is trying. 2 years ago he wasn’t even doing that so it’s progress.


2 thoughts on “The Tie That Binders

  1. I love the title of this post. Also, my first thought would have been to try a business supplies store like Staples rather than WalMart or Costco. That doesn’t mean I would have been more successful in my search, though.

    Speaking as one who has been through the Executive functioning problem thing (among other “things”) with my boy, I would highly recommend an iPad for high school. Not before, because it doesn’t work while they still have worksheets. But in high school when they are taking notes and copying off the board, it is an excellent tool for school work. So many useful apps. And work that is done does not get lost — although sometimes it can be a challenge remembering to print it out and hand it in. (It gets better, but it never gets perfect.)

    You might need paperwork proving a learning disability to get the okay for using the iPad at school. Not sure how it works in every jurisdiction. But basically, the argument is that the iPad is equivalent to a laptop, at least that’s how it is here.

    • As I was reading this, post posting, I realized I should have check staples or a store like unto it. We have used a netbook for the older child because his printing was so bad his teacher couldn’t read it, but I fear the netbook isn’t as user friendly as the iPad and I also fear the viruses that my young boy will pick up just out of curiosity. We all love clicking on things. Thankfully he has a dropbox for some of his assignments. That is truly helpful because even when he does the work it still doesn’t get handed in.

      It is getting better, for some reason it has clicked that yes he does need to do homework and yes he should look is up on the website, but I still have to remind him. I don’t mind so much now because there is less of a tantrum. Maybe taking him out for the year and making him WORK HIS BUTT OFF really did something… or it could still be the honeymoon phase of the new school year. Either way time will tell.

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