My Entryway From…

If you lived close you would know that the biggest thing I hate about this house that I live in is my entryway. It’s small cramped and dark. It has a useless closet that came from a time when a person had one coat and 2 pairs of shoes (one for sunday and one for the rest of the week) and it also has 4 hooks that someone had the fore site to install because well everyone has more than one coat plus backpacks. Sadly there are 5 of us and we are all hook people.

Then there is the shoes. It’s not like our family has a problem like Imelda Marcos but there are 5 of us and those shoes are not getting any smaller. We are all guilty of leaving them in the middle of the floor when we walk in so as to insure the next person who walks in will trip. How very Tom and Jerry of us.

So anyway this is my plan.

1. Add another row of hooks for backpacks

2. Add a row of hooks for helmets

3. Use the vertical space and possibly put shelves above the swing of the door to store seasonal things.

4. Paint it all a nice light colour. Benjamin Moore Moonshine

5. Fix front door

6. Paint trim white

I still need a solution for the shoes as my plan was thwarted by a smaller than expected wall and an oddly placed light switch. Secondly I need another place for keys. I manage rental properties and I have a lot of keys. My previous key storage solution was passable but I bumped my head on it and it ripped out of the wall ( all on it’s own accord) leaving two loverly holes.




These pictures are after some tidying has been done and I installed the support for backpack hooks. Notice I didn’t show you the floor. Haha, there is a reason. Hopefully over the next few days, weeks. I will improve things drastically. Right now I’m repairing all the dents the previous residents made.


2 thoughts on “My Entryway From…

  1. Don’t you wish that the closet had a light in it too?
    That’s the one of the pitfalls of our entrance closet. I’ve tried battery operated, stick on the wall lights….they never stay stuck!
    Good luck with your revamp!

  2. You must blog your solution for shoes if you find one that works well. I am looking for that too. Of course, if my family (including me) would put shoes in the closet, life would be fine. But…we don’t. Hence the need for another solution.

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