I have been posting, but they have all been personal me stuff. Stuff to close to share. I’ve also tried a million times to post light things, but when one doesn’t feel light, it seems rather silly. Just so you don’t worry. There is nothing going on except my 1st world problems, but they are , were (hopefully still in the past) problems, that I have learned and grown from and now time to move on.

School has been in for a week and I am adjusting to the schedule. So is everyone else, except the Mad Hatter who is away and kinda runs on his own clock anyway. Today was the first day I got out for a morning run. It felt … um… like a run, but a lazy one at that. I only went 2 miles and I keep telling myself 2 miles is better than no miles, but I also feel as though I let myself off the hook. I really wanted to do 3 or 3.5 miles, but I was by myself and the recent female sexual assaults in the city had me thinking that today I will stick to the more populated paths, so 2 miles it was.

I like having my mornings. I like coming home to an empty house and getting a load of laundry in (notice I didn’t say done), having some tea, and watching a show or reading a book. I only have 2 hours. Tweedle 3 just has morning kindergarten so there really isn’t time to get a whole lot done. Perhaps tomorrow I will take a shower.

About that tea, I am not much of a tea drinker. Herbal teas always promise deep flavours with their amazing aromatics, but only give a watered down version. I could steep longer but then it would be cold. I’ve tried some kinds of roiboos. Recently I purchase a small amount of chocolate chai, but am finding it lacking in the chocolate department. There is a spice that is really strong in their mix that is overpowering everything really. Maybe I’ll add some chocolate syrup. Haha just kidding. I think one of my english ancestors just died again. Anyway if you have a type that you like (has to be herbal) then let me know. By the way I don’t like flower flavours or a lot of fruity flavours. See what I mean. It’s hard being me and trying to enter the world of teas. What I really wish is someone would make a chocolate hazelnut in a herbal mix. I saw a black tea that had that so I think it can be done. Come on people. Help a girl out.

As for the book. I am currently reading “The Dark Is Rising” sequence. Why it is not called a series I don’t know. Anyway I finished the first book and now I am reading it to the kids. They really like it and are amazed at all the washing that english people do before they ate. Really one should keep a tally at how many times they say they are going to wash. It would be like a fun family joke. The first book is called “Over Sea and Under Stone.” I am reading to my self the second book called “The Dark is Rising”. It’s supposed to be the book the movie “The Seeker” is based on but oi. Did hollywood ever bash that one up. The book, aside from names (and they even got a lot of those wrong), the quest to find the signs of light, and the time of year, is nothing like the movie.  Absolutely nothing! Some have said that is a blessing because the movie was so bad. I however didn’t mind the movie and my kids liked it. Anyway I just wish when one bases a book on a movie they could at least get 80% of it right not the 10% they used. That being said this book would have been difficult to do as a movie people would have been getting lost. I dunno maybe Peter Jackson needs to do this one. All in all the series, sequence is going good. I’m enjoying it.




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  1. Yo! Glad you’re back blogging. I have just over two hours of free time too and it is wonderful and weird at the same time. I don’t know what to do with myself sometimes and there’s a pressure of using it in the best way possible because it’s so limited. Ahhh…

    As for teas, I’ve been thinking of buying some but the ones I’m thinking are more for immune boosting purposes and not so much for flavor.

    Miss yah and love yah.

  2. For teas, have you ever tried Celestial Seasonings Bengal Spice? For me, that one and Mandarin Orange Spice are the best herbal teas out there. I’m with you in not liking the fruity or flowery tasting teas, but the Mandarin Orange Spice doesn’t have a “fruity” flavour the way a lot of fruit teas (like berry, or apple ones) do. Another one I have liked in the past is Red Zinger. All of these are by Celestial Seasonings, which I think is still the best company for herbal teas.

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