Sometimes it happens in public

I am often a believer that personal things such as ones faith and how you got to that faith should be reserved for private, and on very rare occasions, under the best of circumstances, it should be shared in public. Maybe I’m wrong, but when you publicize something so precious you are opening it to the scrutinization of possibly less than friendly people. You are “casting your pearls before swine” as they say.

But what do you do when you have one of those personal experiences in public? In a time where normally you sit their minding your own business, but suddenly you are overcome. You cannot sit. You are moved to testify and there is nothing that can physically hold you back.

This happened to my son today. Both my husband and I were surprised. Son got up with seconds left in the meeting, walked up to the microphone and got out what he came to say, “I Know the church is true.” The words could not be contained nor the emotion that quickly followed.

That was all he said.

Tweedle 3 was the first to great him and hugged the heck out of him. I love that they can do that but it was more character moments exposed in front of people. I didn’t do anything except try to take in what happened. My beautiful children. I love them. I just kinda wish that moment was just for me.


3 thoughts on “Sometimes it happens in public

  1. That’s so sweet! Even though I know you wished it was just for you, I also wish I could have been there. I’m a proud aunt. But nothing touches my heart more than hearing the youth and children of the church bear testimony. Give son a hug.

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