The boys are all asleep. We were up for scriptures (and by scriptures I mean bleary eyed we sit/ lay while the Mad Hatter reads to us. Not the most effective but we’re trying). Now they (the boys) are bodies spread, blankets wrapped, and blissfully sleeping in random places. I’m going to let them sleep, I don’t normally. We usually just start our day or try too, but it can be an angry start. Nobody enjoys an angry start. I do enjoy the quiet that sleeping boys bring. It’s a time to sort through the noise that is in my head and think about things that I have been putting off thinking about because I’m busy just getting by.

1. Will Tweedle E be going back to school or not? 

The answer: I still don’t know. There have been many argument for and against but what I’ve narrowed it down too is what do I value more his education or our relationship. I’m his mom so I’m leaning toward our relationship, which means he may be going back to school.

On the other hand, they say that the first year is the hardest and you don’t want to undo all the progress you made with him. “Stick it out mama your almost there.” That is a feeling I am having a hard time working through. It’s kinda like hiking a brutal mountain to find out you gave up 100m from the peak and the most beautiful view. Failure. But this time I would never know it because you can’t measure how far you are away from having it all (the relationship and a love of learning).

2. The American Election

The Mad Hatter hates it when I talk politics, it makes him feel uncomfortable. You see I grew up in a family where we discussed things and debated but it was loving and no one ever lost their cool… about politics (at least that I can remember). Maybe, perhaps, that was because we all generally agreed, but not always. So anyways I never knew the cardinal rule of “NEVER discuss politics or religion at a dinner party.” I kind of understand it now, but I still think people can have a enlightened discussion about the issues without name calling or personal attacks. I believe in humanity that much! I know I’m crazy.

That being said, if I were and American (which I am) and I were voting in this election (which I would like to but haven’t figured out how to because I live in Canada, but I know I can) I would be so disappointed. This election has lost it’s way.

I see two groups of people (lets call them teams) they are mostly made up of rich guys (and ladies) because lets face it, it takes money to run a campaign. These two teams have forgotten who they are fighting for. They are delighting themselves in who can pull the biggest punch and have forgotten to show us what their plan is. The United States is in peril. They are a country divided and they are weakened. Instead of finding a way to unite  to be stronger, they are ripping each other apart at their differences. And who will suffer the most? The people. Remember these guys (ladies) have safeties built up if the country tanks but my cousins, my aunts and uncles, your families, they will feel it and feel it deeply and when that happens NO Team wins.

The only person I have seen with a plan is Ron Paul. It makes sense. It’s a little protectionist for my liking being in Canada and all, but I think it’s what the country needs. He is a republican, but the best kind. Just go read it. Make up your own mind.

3. Loving One Another

The internet is cool. You can look up anything and find it. You can meet new people (hi Karen, hi Heather, hi Dana, hi, April, hi Mrs. M, hi Timber) but you can also be introduced to some very very mean people. Due to the anonymity , people feel that they can say rude things and get away with it, and they are mostly right. Really how can you patrol this? I have been fortunate enough to not have had a troll comment on my site (maybe one did) but it’s high time we start treating each other better. It’s alright to have a different opinion, it’s alright to be frustrated and vent, but choose your word wisely. People who don’t agree with you are still people and deserve respect. It’s a shame that the golden rule has been around for ages and we as a people still haven’t got it yet.


2 thoughts on “

  1. yahoooo I got a shout-out!

    I totally thought of this video:

    I LOVE healthy debates about different opinions. But far too many people get WAY too worked up over it. Where did respect go?!

    Wish I had a golden answer for you and the homeschool question. Some kids do great in homeschool, some just don’t. You might be almost there to the awesome breakthrough (and the first year IS the hardest), or it might be an uphill battle that you’ll never win. Who knows! Follow your heart.

  2. Me too yahoo!!! Shout out to you too Alyson!

    School. Ugh. I am so dreading it and cannot believe it’s Aug 1 already. I don’t want to send either of my boys. W had such a rough winter. Begging not to go. Changing. Everything a mother does not want to see. We are considering a private school that is located in the country and specializes in teaching children with special needs. You know the one. But I don’t know. I want it to be happier and better for him. Not worse. and there are no guarantees. I wish I could homeschool….but I think it would be a nightmare for both of us in some ways.
    And R…well, I just want to protect him. Ya know?
    Would your school opt for a half and half program? Half class based half home based. I know there is a school in Calgary that does this and it’s part of the CBE. Maybe your town can make accomodations?

    The Election….ugh. How can this work out favorably? It does seem to be about wealth. Not about honesty (ha! never is) and ability. There has GOT to be a way you can vote. Do you have a relative in the states who can figure it our for you…..more easily than you can from here?

    The Golden Rule…oh yes!!!! The internet gives people anonymity and therefore makes some brave….kinda like alcohol! Liquid courage….and here it’s wireless courage! Bleck.

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