This years jam session was made possible by farmers from the province of british columbia. Thanks farmers.

I make apricot jam. I think it’s the Mad Hatter’s favourite. I prefer raspberry or strawberry, but those berries are gone before I get there or too expensive. Apricot is a close second and because it’s super easy I’m really not settling.

You take four cups chopped up apricots 1/4 cup water, and heat in a pot. As the fruit starts to fall apart add 1 tablespoon lemon juice and 3 cups of sugar. Then throw in  a few apricot pits (4 or 5) bring to a boil and then reduce, simmer for 20 minutes and


you have


I process them for 10 minutes. in a water bath. There is a bit of a trick to this though. You can’t really walk away you need to be stirring the whole time you are making the jam. Otherwise it will froth and burn and be less than desirable.

10 lbs of apricots – the ones eaten by the family produced 16 jelly jars. I hope they last the year but I kind of doubt they will. Tweedle J is a big fan of jam.


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