I Made This

At the end of X-files, the slogan “I made this” would be said by a little kids voice. I must have watched a lot of x-files, because this plays over in my head a lot when I make something good.

Anyway, here are some not so awesome pictures of a cake I made, and it was easy. So very easy. Anyone could do it honestly and really truly. Is that enough adverbs for you?

Laaaaa. Can you hear the choir of angles? No? Me neither.

The picture is kinda lame, for a picture and I fear my stove, in all its vintage glory, is not the best backdrop for a food photo.

So I got the idea from Pinterest. If you don’t know what that is, it’s a virtual bulletin board where you can put things (websites, pictures) into categories for ideas to do later. There is a social networking aspect too. You can get your stalker on and look at what other people are “pinning” and make comments. Check it out. don’t worry I’ll wait.

Are you back?


Anyway here is the website that I got the cake idea from. It comes with step by step instructions on how to decorate the cake. Seriously so easy!!! I didn’t “love” the taste of the frosting/ icing/ whatever and would like to try this one instead. The trick is to make it stiff enough that the rosettes won’t fall so unless you live in the far north or have a fridge to store cake until 10 seconds before presenting and forever after, don’t use a true buttercream.

As you can see each of those cakes had a “surprise” when you cut into them. I think the splash of colour makes it exciting. So I wanted to do something like that. I’m not sure how I decided on a Neapolitan cake but thats what I wanted and I wanted it in a Zebra fashion kinda like this, but more like this. So I used the recipe from the latter. After a test I did some tweaking. The chocolate became too thick and wouldn’t spread and I preferred the raspberry flavour to the strawberry. It still didn’t come out zebra-like, but I wasn’t going to make it again. There is only so much cake one family can eat in 3 days.

So after adjusting the chocolate so it wasn’t so thick I layered the colours in my pan only putting the batter in the middle. Don’t worry it will spread.

Now here is my efforts all together. Not quite what I was going for, but still lovely nonetheless.

Now go make cake!!!


5 thoughts on “I Made This

  1. I am SO impressed! and I think I did hear the “laaaaa-” of angels. you kept saying how easy it was but I am not convinced:) It looks so pretty! nice work.

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