Father and Sons Camp

Thank God for Father and Sons. This is the gift given to mothers of sons and if you don’t have this, you should get it. Be a squeaky wheel friends. Be the squeaky wheel.

I look forward to this. It might be wrong to want some time away from my family, but as they get older, they get less cuter and more sassy, and bigger, and messier, and harder on things. Don’t get me wrong. I love the little boogers tweedles, It’s just nice to have a night of peacefulness, where there is no rushing around getting dinner, refereeing and making sure homework is done. A night where I can be a girl and do girl things. Plus dad gets a taste of what his spawn can do.

Two years ago…. at this time…they were at Father and sons camp and this happened. TRUE STORY!!

After a night of being boys, eating chip, drinking hot chocolate and late hours, they were all asleep, when Tweedle 3 the youngest tweedle woke up and nudged tweedle D.

T3: “TD, wake up!”

TD: “groan”

T3: “TD, I’m sorry! Wake up!”

TD: “What little buddy”

T3: “I’m sorry for throwing up on your pillow!”

As you can imagine TD was wide awake by then examining his sleeping area. Discovering nothing he replied, “Oh T3, don’t worry you haven’t puked, my bed is ok.”

Thats when it happened.

T3 puked right on his pillow.

In true boy fashion they cleaned up what they could, gave T3 a drink, and went back to sleep. I give the Mad Hatter full credit for sticking it out. Lesser men would have caved. He thought he left me a mess to clean up but they were better at 3:00 am clean up than they thought. T3 was fine for the rest of the trip.

I still laugh every time I think of this story. Mostly because of the conversation and partly because I wasn’t there.



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