Training wheels

I haven’t been up here much lately. I’ve been training for my first half marathon race. It’s in two days and I’m starting to get nervous. I’ve gone that distance once before… in a slow, meandering, conversation filled run three weeks ago. I am confident I will finish the race. I think I will finish it before 2.5 hours are up, but I don’t know. Here is what I am worried about.

1. Although I have ran in all kinds of weather, I prefer to run in 10 degree partially cloudy. It now looks like rain. Ugh. It’s so hard to figure out what one wears in that.

2. I am concerned about hitting a wall. To prevent that one should carb load sensibly. I haven’t done much experimenting with that and am afraid that too much change will result in either emergency potty breaks or lugging around 10 extra pounds due to constipation. I’m not changing much because change can take its tole, but will it be enough?

3. I have run a few races in the past couple of years and the routes are always well marked with volunteers at each fork. It really is hard for one to get lost… however if someone did get lost, it surely would be me.

4. I have been running long enough to have no illusions about my speed. I am also ok with it. I have never been the fastest, ever.  I however don’t want to be last. I am not as worried about this as I used to be, not because I don’t think I’ll come in last, but because if it did happen, I suppose I would kinda laugh it off and then wear it as a badge of honour. Somebody has got be last.

So those are the things that I am worried/ thinking about…. that have to do with running.


2 thoughts on “Training wheels

  1. Wow, you’re amazing!
    Let us know how it goes! I’m sure it won’t be any of the things you’re worried about. But if you weren’t worried about something you’d be truly crazy. 😀

  2. “… that have to do with running.”
    The qualification made me smile. We all have enough to worry about on top of trying something new, don’t we? BTW, it sounds like you are prepared. It’s so great that you’re even doing this, so I’m sure your results will be fantastic.

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