My Secret Garden Rock Band

I would have a picture for you , but it’s cold and miserable outside. Plus there are no leafy green beauties yet. I just planted my peas and carrots yesterday. How’s that for keeping to a schedule? It took me three weeks to get it done. The next set of plantings should go much better as the soil is all prepped now. Beans are going in next week according to my chart even though smart gardener says to wait until June 3.

I still haven’t transplanted my tomatoes and peppers. They are so unhappy with me right now. Their older leaves are getting all discoloured because there isn’t enough nutrients for the whole plant. I really should get on that. What’s holding me back? The fact that I haven’t got any dirt soil for transplanting. I could go out and take some from my boxes since I’m sure I have enough now that they’re done (except its rain/ snowing right now). I also am not sure what I am going to do with them once they are in the larger containers. I just don’t have the counter or windowsill space. I’m sure I’ll figure something out.

In other news:

The boys all took part in a ward talent show. The Mad Hatter played the piano, Tweedle E played a duet on the piano, and then the Tweedles kept the party going with “Eye of the Tiger” Rock Band style. I am ashamed to admit I never caught it on camera, but close your eyes and picture a 4 year old kicking it off on the drums with a stick count, a 10 year old singing, and a 12 year old kinda wailing on the guitar. Yeah my babies made me proud. I would have done a “light show” behind them but the switches were all different than previous stages I have been on. They look more like a breaker and I was afraid I would cut the power to something. But there was a screen set up behind them so everyone see what they were playing. It was pretty awesome. Oh and for my talent… I made a pie and ate food. Cause that’s what I do.


4 thoughts on “My Secret Garden Rock Band

  1. I have no clue about gardening. Wish I did. So I’ll skip that…
    The talent show sounds AWESOME!! I would have loved to have seen the Tweedles band. Oh well. In my head of course they rocked it. 🙂

  2. My comments closed before I could reply to you on the tomato plant tip – I did replant everything as deep as the pots would allow (trimming off some of the lower branches) and they are all so happy and doing so well! Thanks so much :O)

    p.s. how deliciously organized is your planting calendar? Love that.

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