Buying a New Vacuum Sucks

(Picture from Legal Juice)

I want the best my money can buy. I also want a really good deal. Somehow spending 5 ben franklins (or 5 robert borders for my Canadian friends) or more on something that I don’t enjoy doing seems wrong. But then again we all go to the dentist right?

I have been told by many Dyson is the way to go, but then I read the polarized reviews and threads. It leaves me questioning.

I have been to stores and had myself narrowed down to a Shark Navigator, but then reading reviews on dealing with the company if something goes wrong got me worried.

I spoke with a cleaning lady and she recommended a miele but then I check the price and yowza. Some are as much as a vacation in Hawaii. Ok I may exaggerate a bit.

I have had others say that I should just buy a crappy vacuum every year, because even crappy vacuums are GREAT for the first while, but my environmental side seems to have a problem with such a disposable way of living.

After spending the last 2 + hours reading up, I feel as if I am not any further ahead. I wish I could use a roomba but then my floor would have to be free of stuff my children leave there. Not to mention the shoes and bags Mr. Wonderful leaves sitting around. Actually maybe it would force them to pick stuff up. Hmmm.

I should just buy something and get it over with. It’s not like my floor is getting any cleaner.

If you have any last pitches for a particular vacuum make them now or forever hold your peace (or is it piece internet doesn’t seem to know and I can make an argument for both). State the brand, model and how long you have had it. Thanks

3 thoughts on “Buying a New Vacuum Sucks

  1. I can only speak for myself but we love our dyson! Really. I was skeptical when Mike got it for me but I do love it. We have had it for 5 years and never had any problems with it at all. Easy to use and care for. I love the way that they handle and turn….you know, the whole ball thing. I can’t even steer a regular vacuum anymore. Haha! Good luck!

  2. You can use a Roomba, even if your house is cluttered. Here is the secret. Shop for it with your husband. Ask his opinion on the relative merits of which version to buy, and where to buy it. (Check out the deals at Costco and Canadian Tire, though there might be other places out there with deals.) Then, after buying it, say you are too impatient / lazy / non-technical — whatever is most plausible — to figure out how to set it up. Or, say you are eager to do it because it’s fun, but you want your husband to have the fun. Because it’s a robot! And robots are fun! But you see, before he can set it up to work, he has to clear all the clutter. So he has to move his stuff, and get the kids to move their stuff, and he has to move the furniture around, all so the Roomba (robot!) can do its job.

    Then you need to get a Dyson hand vac because they are shaped sort of like a gun and your boys will love using it. (It is like one of those fancy shooters from a futuristic video game, which will make it even more appealing.) It’s great in the kitchen and foyer for picking up stuff in the corners, or you can use it on non-carpeted stairs.

    We’ve had the Dyson hand vac (DC16) for a few years, the Roomba (552 Pet Series) for less than a year. Also, I still like my Dyson canister vac, but that one doesn’t appeal to the guys quite as much as the others. I’m not a fan of upright vacuum cleaners, but if I was I’d want to try the Dyson ball one.

    P.S. I know these things are pricey. Costco might have a deal on the Roomba if they have it in stock, and even if you don’t buy these right away, you can always put a “watch for sale” on individual items on the Canadian Tire web site.

  3. We had a $75 dirt devil that lasted about 10 years. we had to change a belt a couple of times but other than that, no problems until it exploded 20 min before I had to pick up the babysitter. That was a good day. For the last 2 years we have had a Bissel digipro which I love. It cost around $250. My only issue with it is that it is sometimes hard to find the bags for it but I found site where I can order on line so it’s not a problem anymore. I know lots of people that love the Dyson, but at this point in our lives I can’t justify the cost when I think my vacuum does just as good a job and will still probably last 10+ years if I maintain it properly

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