Oops I did it again.

Why do I do this to myself? The children go to bed late and then there I am sitting in front of the computer or watching TV all in the name of winding down. I don’t often do this. Most of the time I am begging the tweedles to go to bed and as soon as their little selves are all tucked in, I fall desperately into my own bed where I stay until morning.

But last night was different. Tweedle E was sick and I was giving him comfort, as all mothers should, through out the evening. When he finally fell asleep I was kinda wired. It was only 10:00. I was sure I could manage to stay up a little while longer and still get enough sleep to feel rested the next day. As always (with a computer) I got sucked in and what felt like 30 min. in computer time was actually 2 hours!

Just so you know I was looking up important stuff like the family tree fan chart and the cool hyperlink to family search when you click on a name. Cool stuff that is.

I also discovered that I spent my weekend engaged in the entertainment of the Hemsworth family. On Thursday I rented (yes there are still places where you can physically rent a movie) Thor, only to discover on Friday, that it was on NETFLIX. I truly hate that when it happens. Anyway. In the past I had absolutely no interest in see in Thor, but the Avengers movie is coming up and I thought I had better get some background, plus I have boys. So yay. On Saturday I watched the Hunger Games. The funny thing is I did not know that Gale and Thor were related. I KNOW my inner teenager is finding this hard to believe, but there it is.

So I spent some time relieving scenes that I liked in both movies and then it got me thinking about my old crush from way back when so I checked him out. Then I looked for episodes from the show I first saw him on, when the crush developed. I did find part of the song he sang on youtube but the “part” cuts off right in the middle of the scene. It turns out I have a thing for singers/ musicians and younger men born in september. I think that’s how I got Mr. Wonderful.

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