Ally, Ally, Quite Contrally

Gardening is kind of exciting for me. It’s like I have my own little laboratory in my back yard. Every year it’s a experiment.

This year year I am trying to do it a little smarter. I also plan to take it to the “next level”.  I am getting a tiller this year and taking out the dandelion forrest. Next I’m laying down some landscape fabric and then I’m going to build another box. That will give me 66 sq feet of gardening space. Oh yeah and I’ll be bringing in soil AGAIN.

This year I am also following a plan I made on This is an american site but I altered growing season and chose a town similar in altitude. If it works the way I think it will, next year it will develop a crop rotated plan.

In my research I also found this schedule for planting in our area. It’s interesting to see. I never plant my beans that late, but that’s because my Grandfather said get all of your seeds in the garden by May 6th. My peas always come up right away but it takes forever for my beans. I’m going to plant my beans later this year and see what happens. See it’s an experiment.

I’m also going to add to my arsenal a soil test kit. Possibly two and see what I am really working with. Knowledge is power and I look forward to a bumper crop this year. *Finger’s crossed*


3 thoughts on “Ally, Ally, Quite Contrally

  1. Henry and I planted two, 2-feet rows of carrots and green onions in the front of our apartments this afternoon. It’s exciting to grow a garden. I want to hear details as yours comes up!

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