In my mind I am still, like 22 ok. I honestly don’t think I have changed that much. I still shop at the same stores for clothing. When I wear make up and do my hair (which currently is in serious need of an intervention) I think I look great. I don’t think that I look…wait for it almost 40. Gasp.

But then In the matter of a week I was brought to the brutal reality that I am NOT 22 anymore. Not once but twice. Yesterday, was my running class. It takes place at a university. What is the average age of a student attending university? Lets say 22. Well there I was in the locker room smack dab between two twenty year olds and yes, I did look old. I used to think the difference between me now and me then was a good nights rest, but it is so much more than that. Ladies never catch yourself in the mirror between two twenty year olds and especially in the locker room. Just saying.

My second (which is actually my first) incident took place when I went to pick up some face cream at my local drug store. I use Normaderm by Vichy because I have problem skin. Anyway, I have noticed some forehead wrinkles and some eye wrinkles and have been kind of obsessed with them. My skin care line has just come out with a new moisturizer for problem skin and wrinkles. I totally bought it but not until after I read the “advert” wrapped around the box. It said. “for women who STILL have imperfections and are getting wrinkles” The word “still” floated off the paper and sat there taunting me as if I was the only woman in the world who was STILL getting pimples at my age and couldn’t seem to get it right. Couldn’t they have just said, “for women who have difficulty with imperfections and wrinkles.”?

Right now as my stiffened body gets stiffer and the mobility of my arms gets less and less (due to the 80+ pushups I did last night) I am painfully aware that I am not 22 and all the injections and plastic surgery in the world cannot change that. I still don’t feel my age but I do feel older.




4 thoughts on “STILL

  1. You’ve officially scared me. I feel the same – that I’m still young and could pass for it, but I’m sure me sandwiched between two 20 year olds, I will be sad too.
    Either way, Your sexy and you know it!!

  2. Oh…… read my mind………yesterday my sister said just don’t look in the mirror…….she meant it as a help but I took it as, I just look too awful to even take a peek:) Aging is sort of like dying isn’t it? Let’s just hang out with the older ladies in the ward………that should help our self esteem……..
    Jess (Kim’s NY friend)

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