I live in a time and place where women can vote, own property, run for office, head up companies, and do pretty much everything a man can do. Our mother’s and their mother’s and their mother’s mother’s worked very hard for this time and I thank you.

I thank you for the ability to open a bank account. When my aunt was first married she was not allowed too without her husbands approval.

I thank you for the right to vote and I honour that right by voting.

I thank you for the ability to work outside the home. I haven’t taken up this one but I like that I have a choice.

I would also like to thank women who have been good examples of Intelligence, philanthropy, and everything good that is to be a woman. We are different from men and I like that.

Finally, I would also like to thank my Father for having the patience to raise 5 little women. Because he was such a good father we have self respect.

Happy International Women’s Day!!

P.S. I am thankful that Hallmark hasn’t gotten a hold of this day and littered it with chocolate, doilies and pink. 


One thought on “XX

  1. In Russia, International Women’s Day is an official holiday and it is celebrated with chocolate. At least that’s what a Russian woman I once worked with said. And she backed it up by bringing in some Russian chocolate on March 8 for all of us in the office to share.

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