Morning Musings.

It’s 5:30 am. I’ve been up for an hour. Not of my own choice. I just can’t get back to sleep. This happened yesterday too. I woke up at 4:30, couldn’t sleep. I read and searched the internet for things I thought I might want to know and then tried desperately an hour later to find some shut eye. Couldn’t find it.

So today after searching somethings I thought I might want to know I decided to get up. My questions weren’t really answered. It’s hard to read on my iPhone as well.

Yesterday I attended my second presentation group for home schoolers. Tweedle E was brave and presented his song. Tweedle 3 got up and talked about Mr. Puppy again. After all the kids were done presenting something they had worked on, they go and play and the moms share information, things they have learned, things they are struggling with, and things they are celebrating. Home schooling is still so new to me that most of the time (all 2 of them) I just sit and listen.

This last session turned out to be a counselling session of sorts. There was another mom there who is in the throws of her first year as well and she was able to articulate some of what I was feeling. It was good to hear that even teachers in the system NEVER finish all that the subjects offer. It was good to hear that sometimes you just need a break because your house is messy from all the neglect and how can a person possibly teach let alone learn in this environment so we need a clean up day. (how is that for a run-on?) I also learned somethings.

I learned that I need to be record keeping. You may say Well duh Alyson. How do you keep track of what you have done? Truth be told I don’t. We work in work books and after he reads a book he does a project. I figured that was enough. It might be enough for some, but right now I feel like I have to justify my time, and when we spend 4 hours on math and he still isn’t done his 20 questions. I have nothing to show for it.

I also learned that I need to take my questions and concerns to God. I didn’t pull him out of school because I was concerned about the environment, or what they were teaching him. I pulled him out because it wasn’t working. He was falling behind and getting lost in the ever widening cracks of our school system. Religion wasn’t my motivation like it is with so many home schoolers out there. However, I cannot do this on my own. We have hit some rough patches and need some guidance, and like everything else that is major I should be praying for that guidance. Again Duh. In my defence, that decision making process although proven, doesn’t come easy to me.

I also learned that I need to be putting more effort in this. I need to be researching methods and other stuff. Methods you say? Yeah kinda new to me as well. So it looks like I have a lot of reading to do (don’t really like that sort of reading) and figure out what works.


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