Brighter Days

I think I know the reason February is only 28 days (29 this year). It’s because it kinda sucks. At least it does for us Northern Hemisphere people. Its bleak and cold and dark and down right yucky. My kids are mad right now because we are taking a sick day from our home schooling co-op. I don’t feel so well and yesterday Tweedle 3 spent the day emptying his stomach. It seems everyone I know is tired and or sick. Lets face it we are all tired of being sick and sick of being tired.

Good-bye February!!!

Well sort of good-bye. This year is Leap Year and tomorrow is leap day. One extra day. One extra day to this month. If I was home schooling all the kids, I probably would have considered it a freebee day, but we are not and the world does not look at it as a freebee. Tis still a regular day for everyone else.

The sun has been out more lately and I have enjoyed it. In fact I happily shovelled the walks, driveway and steps just so I could be in the sun. That and our snow pack was turning to ice cause of all the melting. Had to get to it before it became a hazard.

We expect snow tomorrow…again. Actually this is when the accumulation happens. February and March are known for their heavy wet snows. But I can take it as long as the sun keeps shining.

Oh gota go Tweedle 3 is feeling crapy again. Poor guy.

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