Living on a Prayer

Recently I was reminded of a story a friend told me once. This happened, amazingly about 7-8 years ago. Time goes by so fast. She had given birth to twins some months earlier and as expected she wasn’t sleeping well.

She had related to me that she had been praying to God every night and with much pleading, that she would get the rest she needed and every night the same thing would happen. The babies would wake or startle each other and alas a restful sleep was thwarted.

Often times there are things in our lives that we want so bad we can taste it. Our thoughts are occupied constantly our heartfelt wishes, are cried over and yet they are not granted. Jobs, opportunities, children, homes, love, all righteous desires, are not granted us. Is it because God is not there or is really a “mean kid with a magnifying glass, watching us squirm?”*

Back in July of 2006, Mr. Wonderful and I were looking at possibly purchasing a condo. Prices were starting to appear more approachable. We even spotted a potential purchase. But he had just graduated school and our down payment was quite dismal and we didn’t want help. We wanted to “do it on our own” we even prayed about it and it felt right that we should wait to purchase. Shortly after that the housing market took off. Within one year our condo was for sale again and it had doubled in price. A few friends of ours cashed out (sold their homes and moved to small towns to live mortgage free). I was upset, not for them, but for myself. Why had I been inspired not to buy? A year later the prices were triple, in some areas, what they were in 2006. In frustration I took it to God saying a home is a good thing, why are we not getting one? And now it’s next to impossible. Shortly after I was reading in Jeremiah (I think, I kinda blocked it out in my disappointment) I remember reading something about abundance and someone being almost commanded or told the shall not have any part of this. It felt like a stab through the heart for as I read this I felt like God was talking to me. Needless to say I wept for at the time there was nothing I wanted more.

Then the crash happened. Later that year the US economy tanked and consequently so has some parts of Canada. In Calgary there have been pinches here and there housing prices are SLOWLY coming down, but maybe it was a good thing we weren’t in debt up to our eyeballs. We haven’t felt much of a pinch financially because our rent is controlled. One of the advantages of being a property manager. Oh I still want a home, but I’m waiting for the right one. It’s gotta be around here somewhere.

God isn’t cruel and mean. He sees the bigger picture. He knows what’s coming and what is right for us. He also knows when the timing is right. If we got everything we wanted, when we wanted it, what would we be learning? And would we really want that thing we wanted after we got it? It’s not that he doesn’t want me to own a home or for my friend not to sleep. On the contrary.

Let’s get back to my friend. Some days later she was walking to school with me to pick up our kindergarteners. She was relaying what I already told you but then it occurred to her that God was helping her. She kinda laughed and said it had occurred to her that it could have been much worse and she was actually getting help, just not in how she expected.

* Bruce Almighty


10 thoughts on “Living on a Prayer

  1. Life can only be understood backwards; but it must be lived forwards.
    Soren Kierkegaard, Danish philosopher (1813 – 1855)
    I guess it’s a perennial human condition.

    • The funny thing is I was writing this on my iPhone and trying to save it as a draft so I could tweak it later, but here it is mistakes and all. Oh well glad it gave some perspective.

      Sent from my iPhone

  2. And sometimes it especially sucks when the ‘thing’ you want the most seems to come so easily to others.
    I am trying to ask ‘what am I learning from my trials’?
    Still sucks, but at least there may be some silver lining…

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