The Bins and Outs

I know. Its a really lame title. Maybe I should have called it my love hate relationship with bins. Too long? Well then lets get on with it.

I am on a quest. An organizational quest if you will. My Time is limited. My space is limited and my budget is limited as well. We also rent so whatever I use cannot be permanent. I also only plan on renting for 2 more years max so I don’t want to invest a truck load of money and then not be able to use it in our new home. (Total wishful thinking on my part, but there is a plan, a weak but still a plan)

Please note truck load actual amounts may vary. My definition may be far less in amounts than yours. I got boys to feed and they eat ALOT.

So in the past I have bought partial systems or one or two things, because money is tight, and they haven’t worked for me. Mostly because they have consisted with bins. I have recently come to the conclusion I am not a bin person. I am not a bin person unless that bin is permanent, and by permanent I mean its contents shall never be removed. I can label what goes where all I want but if those bins get frequently used, they are guaranteed to be mixed up with in a week. It’s not that I don’t care. I do. I just don’t care enough to overcome my laziness. If it’s in a bin then its out of sight and that’s all I care about… until I can’t find something.

Take my closet for example. When we first moved into this place we quickly realized that these tiny closets would not work. I think they were designed for people who have a grand total of 4 outfits. We can only fit 4 of Mr. Wonderful suits in there and some dress shirts. Thats it!! So we bought a closet from IKEA. It has a hanging bar and a side shelving unit all behind closed doors. I keep my hanging clothes pretty organized (probably from my retail days) but the folded stuff forget about it. I resorted to bins on the shelves and labled them, but truth be told they have everything in them and it takes at least 15-20 minutes to find something that I haven’t put away recently.

My first step is to get rid of stuff. Thats what I am doing right now, so if you are tempted to send me stuff forget about it (Mikey Blue Eyes style). I just can’t take it. My mind and body just cannot handle it. If you need stuff, ask me, I might have it and I would be glad to give it to you if I don’t need it.

The next step will be something that mostly involves hooks and hanging stuff, cause I can do that. Haven’t quite decided what yet, but I do know it won’t be mostly bins.


2 thoughts on “The Bins and Outs

  1. Best thing I ever bought, and I can’t believe I never bought one sooner, was a coat tree for our entranceway (I can’t think of the right word — an upright pole with places to hang coats). No one in this house will hang everyday coats in the closet, so they ended up on the newel post and the backs of chairs. Now our front hall is neat and organized, and everything hangs neatly in an area with a total footprint just over one square foot. Man, I just wish I could find such a satisfactory solution to EVERY problem I have with “stuff”.

    • I know. My entry way is a nightmare. I would love it if I could cut down at least half the coats and a third of the shoes, but we live in Canada where you need all coats available at all times.

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