Winter Blues

Don’t get me wrong, I am quite thankful for the unseasonably warm winter we are having. I am told that its quite similar to Vancouver temps. If this is true, I have never been, Vancouver’s stock just went up. But despite the warm weather, I am still having trouble with the blahs. I still have no desire to leave the warm comfort of my bed and I still don’t want to do anything. Its a battle sometimes, and this winter has supported my view that I am solar powered.

Today the sun got up before 8:00 am and it was light before we left to take Tweedle D to school, for that I am grateful, but its still a tiny dot inching its way across the sky casting a slightly soft blue light. I like blue, its one of my favourite colours and I suppose if I had a camera I would appreciate it more. In the right dose it can be calming. But blue is cool, if not cold casting a lethargic moody light when exposed to for months on end.

Right now its almost 10:30 am and I do see some yellows. Thats encouraging and I like yellow. Its cheery and warm. The yellow is still so soft but its just enough to give me hope that spring is going to come.

But I know the truth. Spring really doesn’t come until May and usually the end of May.

In the mean time I have some full spectrum bulbs, but they don’t seem to be helping. I plan on taking some vitamin B and getting out as much as possible despite my inclination to remain under my luxurious duvet.

Yesterday was particularly bad. Lets just say thank goodness for my running class. Even though exercise is the complete opposite of what my body is wanting to do, it really is the best thing for it right now. That and a little chocolate.

Do you have any blues? What are you doing to “battle” them?


3 thoughts on “Winter Blues

  1. I *do* have the blues. However, it’s not because of cold or lack of sunshine. We have very little cold and an abundance of sunshine here in AZ. I still get the winter blahs, though. To battle mine, I have to get out of the house. DO something. You’re correct with the “exercise is the best thing” because it makes our bodies get active and feel better, right? Maybe I’ll talk Parker out on that walk today after all…

  2. I think February is a difficult month no matter where you are, but especially in the north. That’s why Whitehorse has a big, week-long festival at the end of the month. Once the lull of January has passed the whole city is bustling to prepare for this big party. It helps break up the long, cold, dark winter.

    I get the blues even down here when the sun is plentiful. Exercise is the guaranteed best thing for me to do to bolster my moods. Playing with friends is a close second. The trick (for me) is to keep busy. It helps the time pass, and in a way that doesn’t leave me with regret (the way facebook games do.)

  3. I could totally hibernate the next few months away too. Even though the sun is shining at the moment, I would be perfectly happy skipping ahead to May, my head under the covers.
    Music has been a big help lately. Spicy latin dance music or a little classic MJ. Makes me laugh too. Rhianna? Glee? (no moody emo tunes over here thank you).
    And dare I say a little aromatherapy? I bought fresh lemons and grapefruit the other day and the smell alone is pure sunshine. Rosemary is also good for mood.

    So now I will go stuff a lemon wedge up my nose and turn up the tunes as I try to force myself to clean up the kids rooms! Unless I give in and take a nap in a small unmade bed.

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